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The arrival of summer means that our second-year students, including managers, are graduating and moving on from the program, while our new incoming managers are wrapping up their training and preparing to take over their departments for the summer term of classes. It will be interesting to see how these different experiences, learning environments, and mentalities will influence the press in the future.

Literary festivals have long been considered a bastion of in-person connection for fans, authors, and publishing houses, but what do they look like in the new virtual world of COVID? The largest book festival in the world, the Edinburgh Book Festival, wrapped up their digital event at the end of August with the intent to "Keep the Conversation Going." Implementing their first-ever virtual event, the festival drew in hundreds of thousands of viewers in the midst of the global pandemic.

Sensitivity reads have become an important aspect of editing in recent years. When an author who does not identify with a characters' demographic writes experiences or narratives from that character's perspective, a sensitivity read—also called a diversity read—can help point out any potentially harmful stereotypes that a character may be subjected to in the book.

Publicity plays a crucial role in any publishing house. Authors who accrue bad publicity are often subjected to the morality clause in their contract so that the reputation of the publishing house is not tarnished by the actions of the author. Recent developments in the entertainment industry, especially in regards to the #MeToo movement, have led to an increased focus on ethics and morality in professional, educational, and media settings. Publishing houses and agents have faced similar problems, which is where the morality clause comes into play; an increasing number of publishing houses and agents are now including these clauses in their contracts, requiring authors to comply with acceptable professional standards and providing for the possible termination of the contractual relationship if the author fails to conduct themselves appropriately.

Publishing companies are reaching a point where they need to start rethinking the way stories are delivered and marketed. It’s important to provide stories and content in the way that consumers want to consume them.

Many writers often ask how their first draft gets turned into a polished manuscript that is ready for publication. This first step is called the developmental edit, which takes place after the text has been completed. Most people think of editing as just grammar, punctuation, and proofreading, but those are more line level elements; developmental editing, or substance editing as it's sometimes called, is all about the content: the meat of the story and what form it will take by the time it reaches readers. This is the phase where we analyze characters, plot, setting, and even the pace of the story. These are the big issues that require the use of three techniques to help refine the story: growing, pruning, and shaping.

This list will determine which Ooligan title best corresponds to your astrological personality. Are you a Finding the Vein or an Odsburg? Maybe you're more of a Faultland or an Iditarod Nights. Keep reading to discover what the sky has to say!

With her recent passing on March 25, 2021, the world has collectively mourned the loss of one of the greatest authors in our history. It all started here in Oregon, where she took inspiration from her early childhood memories growing up in areas such as Portland and Yamhill.

There is a pattern that oppressors use to weaponize language when they are creating their brands. It's a familiar tactic that can be detected by a subtle or blatant switch in font and color in political propaganda. The signs that represent the ideology start out benign, with serifs or organic curves to suggest brotherhood, unity, and a concern for all. Then they shift to sans serif, bold, and blocky fonts to make the ideology stand out.

Clarity, brevity, and utility were our main goals in updating our mission statement, and our group is incredibly proud of the work we've done. In moving towards our values of inclusivity, however, the mission statement is just the first step. Updating our mission statement is at the core of things that Ooligan Press wants to accomplish in terms of shaping literature and the publishing industry, and our work is still cut out for us.

You may have asked yourself if it's possible for one person to amplify the voices of underrepresented authors. The answer is yes! We can create diversity within our own bookshelves by analyzing our book-buying habits, which will help amplify these voices.

Between the outrage over American Dirt, Woody Allen's Apropos of Nothing, the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, and #publishingpaidme, there has been tremendous pressure on the Big Five to do their part to decolonize book publishing. As a show of good faith, each of the Big Five publishing houses made public promises to be more socially conscious. We are now well into 2021, which is heralded as the year that is meant to save us from the horrors of 2020, so let's see if the Big Five have made any progress on following through with their promises.

Social media is a great way to generate publicity for a book, and one trend that has recently gained popularity is Instagram takeovers. For authors who aren't familiar with Instagram, the platform can look incredibly complicated at first glance.In this post I will offer tips to get your Instagram-newbie author ready for a takeover in no time!

Portland wouldn't be the City of Roses without the early influences of certain literary figures in Oregon's history.

While it is true that editing is a crucial aspect of publishing, it isn't the only aspect. The publishing industry has a place for every bibliophile out there—even fanfiction writers.

Choosing the right words and using them well can uplift, empower, and support even our most vulnerable communities, but using the wrong words can just as easily do them harm. With this in mind, it is imperative that editors educate themselves on the best practices of conscious editing.

What once started as a public book domain soon turned into a multi-media, world-building phenomenon.

There are numerous examples of why a fully fleshed-out language, often known as a "conlang," is good for the fans, the author, and the publisher, and why authors should work with a conlanger.

Good typography can make anything look good, but it can be hard to successfully pair your fonts. Creating contrast is the key to good font pairing. You can achieve contrast in many ways, and it is a lot simpler than you think. Here are a few tips on how you can successfully pair fonts without needing a degree in graphic design.

For authors and artists who don't have access to publishing technology or spaces to create, print, and publish their work, there are distinct barriers to doing what they love. However, there is an incredible nonprofit organization right here in Portland that seeks to break down these barriers and make publishing affordable and accessible to all.