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For many new writers, the question is how to break in, get an agent, and get published. Authors can go many months—which can compound to years—without hearing about their manuscripts. How can a writer get noticed and noticed fast? How do you break in without connections? Like with all contemporary remedies, the internet has a hand in getting new authors noticed, and #PitMad is the quarterly Twitter event to get your manuscript picked up and published.

This is a call to action for publishers, editors, and writers alike to think boldly and critically when engaging with social justice movements, specifically, the Black Lives Matter movement.

Language is important to our everyday lives. Websites like Addictionary® and the Conscious Style Guide provide the tools for editors to be more conscious of their language when writing about substance abuse disorders, but editors must make the first move to ensure that this language becomes more common across literature platforms.

Books can give comfort in difficult times and allow us to feel connected when environmental factors like this pandemic keep us apart, but they do not usurp safety and health.

One of the perhaps forgotten challenges to writing and publishing books is explaining to others what it's about. In the publishing world, this struggle is combated with what we know as "comp titles," which Penguin Random House defines as "an elevator pitch for your book."

A social media strategy is an essential part of publishing and marketing a title. It's the perfect way to get your whole team, both new and old, up to speed on both your ideas for social media as well as the main selling points of your title. Now, getting started on this document may seem overwhelming at first, but here are some tips to guide you in the right direction.

When I find myself unable to focus on a book, audiobooks allow me to read while I keep my hands busy or just zone out. Sometimes all I need is to have someone else read to me, the words of the story taking on a life of their own with their narration. So if you're like me and miss traveling––or merely need to escape your current couch situation––these are some audiobooks to help you escape to a different place.

My "2019" shelf sat, neatly and chronologically ordered for me to peruse. Month by month, the books I had slogged through and the books that shone brilliantly awakened in my memory, but something else happened too. I began to remember other parts of my life in those months.

While many aspects of the publishing industry are still adapting to these evolving circumstances, the way editors utilize programs such as Track Changes and Google Docs has set them up to not just survive during a pandemic, but thrive.

If you have some experience in marketing, you may have heard that "the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing at all." But what does this really mean, and is it actually true?

Halloween is not the first, nor the last, holiday to be derailed by the pandemic this year. Kids won't plague the streets in search of sugary treats, and festivities might only involve a party of one, but that doesn't mean there isn't a way to revel in a devilish spirit. Grab yourself a cup of hot cider, some fun-size candies, and a cozy blanket to settle in with these spooky reads for an evening of fun and fear.

As the publicity manager at Ooligan, one of my tasks is to send out quarterly newsletters. But getting people to read them is another story. That’s why I decided to change up how we do our newsletters while simultaneously giving some love to our backlist titles.

Reading is important in the school Can Ran founded for children. She believes a book acts as a boat, sailing to the inner world of a child, and that reading can help children become sensitive to this world and use their own language to describe their feelings.

Goodreads allows users to keep track of books they've read, books they want to read, and the reading journeys of other registered users. While Goodreads is a wonderful resource for readers, it also houses a very lucrative market for indie publishers and authors. Through the Goodreads author program, Q&A groups, word of mouth, and the Goodreads recommendation engine, indie publishers and authors are able to establish a presence among the bigger five guns in the publishing world.

Reprinting is common in any literary genre, but a new trend has emerged in Young Adult fiction, partly thanks to the internet: the inclusion of fan-made artwork in a book's special or collector's edition.

That's when a beta reader comes in. Beta reading is common in small online communities, from writing clubs to fanfiction groups. Your beta reader could be a stranger across the country hopping onto your Google Doc and looking for grammatical errors, or they could be your best friend crossing out half of your story in red pen.

Like every kind of genre fiction, we knew that the mystery genre has a large audience, which would be great for Ooligan to break into. We just needed to get there. How? Well, that's part of the mystery.

Ultimately, all of this is done to get that book in the hands of someone who has felt the same passion I've felt my whole life.

A targeted social media push is a must to reach your audience and, hopefully, spur sales, but reaching a YA audience can be tricky. You can target parents, educators, and librarians who are perhaps the primary buyers. However, to create demand from the bottom up, you must reach young readers where they live which is, ironically, on YouTube.

While most of the difficulties of freelance copyediting can't be avoided, some of the stress they cause can be offset by making freelance work a joyful pursuit. Allow me to share what my part-time freelance copyediting experience over the past four years has taught me.