Iditarod Nights by Cindy Hiday has been released, and that means a new Library Writers Project title will be coming your way in Spring 2021. Ooligan Press is excited to announce our next title in our partnership with Multnomah County Library: Finding the Vein by Jennifer Hanlon Wilde! This is the third title to be published through the partnership with Multnomah County Library and Ooligan Press, and we are thrilled to be working on this amazing story.

Since 2015, Multnomah County Library has called for submissions every fall through the Library Writers Project. The Library Writers Project gives local authors the opportunity to see their manuscripts published as ebooks through the library. This means that members of Multnomah County Library can check out the submissions via wonderful services like Libby or OverDrive. Ooligan Press and Multnomah County Library became partners in 2018 to feature local Portland authors and to bring ebook-only works into print as a part of the annual collection.

The collection’s newest title, Finding the Vein, is a murder mystery that takes place at Heritage Camp, a summer camp for internationally adopted children in Oregon. It follows the story of teenage camper Isaac and Detective Mikie O’Malley as they try to solve the case of a murdered camp counselor. Isaac and Mikie, the two narrators, show us two very different ways to solve a case—there’s the official way, the way of a detective, and then there’s the not-so-official way, in which Isaac’s supersmart camp friend Hal hacks into a few databases. As Isaac and Mikie start to get answers, more questions are unearthed, and they begin to realize that at Heritage Camp, murder is just the tip of the iceberg.

Get to know the author, Jennifer Hanlon Wilde:

Jennifer Hanlon Wilde lives and writes in Oregon. She is a nurse practitioner and teacher who thinks of her work as opening a kind of map to study the well-worn places where storytelling intersects with health. She also enjoys real maps, traveling the world with her family, and, as a doctoral student at Washington State University, nerding out over global health data. A robust community theater and music scene, acres of orchards, and unparalleled local cider and beer have made it a joy to put roots down in the Columbia River Gorge, but being a Red Sox fan is in her DNA. Finding the Vein is her first novel.

Finding the Vein will be available in print and ebook formats in Spring 2021, and we can’t wait for you to solve the case with Isaac and Mikie. Follow Ooligan’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for updates!

For more information about Iditarod Nights by Cindy Hiday, visit our book page. Check out the Multnomah County Library site to learn more about the Multnomah County Library Writers Project.

New Acquisition: Untitled Memoir by Rosa del Duca

Ooligan Press is pleased to announce the acquisition of an untitled memoir from Rosa del Duca. In 1999, Rosa del Duca joined the National Guard. It was her opportunity to make something more of her life, but as her unease over the military’s role reaches a boiling point with the attacks on 9/11, Rosa comes to the realization that she is a conscientious objector. She must now decide how far she is willing to go to stand up for what she believes in—and what she is willing to sacrifice in return. We are excited to be able to work with del Duca on her first full-length literary work.

Rosa del Duca is a San Francisco Bay Area writer, journalist, and musician. While she enjoys paying the bills by writing and producing at NBC Bay Area, her passions are creative writing and music. She earned her MFA at Saint Mary’s College of California, graduating in 2010. Her work has been published in Cutbank, CALYX, Grain, River Teeth, Umbrella Factory, and Mission at Tenth. In addition to the memoir, she is completing final revisions to her first novel, which centers on a television reporter who is suddenly moved from the “fluff beat” to a disturbing kidnapping case in California’s Central Valley. In June of 2013, she completed a six-month fellowship at the San Francisco Writer’s Grotto. She regularly performs solo or with her folk pop band, Hunters.

Emily Hagenburger and her team will be manning the helm on this project. Be sure to follow their progress on the Ooligan blog!