This Week!

Hello all,

This week many little things were accomplished. We powered through many transcriptions that I personally loved listening to. Then we began developing the plan for the pitch video, which will feature our author speaking about the book, and began gathering preliminary information for the marketing plan. Most importantly, we began to delve into the realm of interactive ebooks, a major project for this book.

The interesting thing about digital publishing is that it can take so many different forms. For Mastersounds, we decided that we wanted to create an electronic version of the book that pushed the boundaries of paper. Our goal is to create something that will allow us to have text alongside videos and music. We also want to create an interactive map that provides a visual of the geography discussed in the book.

Currently, we are exploring a platform called Inkling that was released in 2012. So far, it seems like the best option for us as it’s user-friendly for students who are not experienced working digitally, and allows them to still have input.

Research is still being done on this platform, so look for a future blog that goes into more detail. Next time I will have updates on the development of the tour for Know Your City.

The Beginning of Fall.

Hello all,

We are starting a new term and, with that in mind, I have plans to accomplish many things over the next ten weeks.

The Indiegogo project will begin to take more shape as we work on developing the pitch video for the site. The development of the web application will be underway now that we have a detailed chapter outline to work from. The tour for Know Your City will begin development, which is another completely new addition to the scope of Ooligan. The team will also begin to draft a marketing plan that will change and update as time goes forward.

One of the best things about Mastersounds is the unique dimensions that allow us students to stretch our imaginations and publishing skills. This term is going to be filled with fun projects, as well as some developmental work on the manuscript.

Look in soon for updates on the progress on these mini projects within Mastersounds!

Summer Update

Hello all,

Just a quick update today on the development of the manuscript. We now have a finalized chapter outline that gives a clear overview of the evolution of jazz in the Pacific Northwest. From here the author will be working on the actual narrative of the book and the Ooligan team will be researching and collecting amazing photography that helps bring the history of the community to life.

As for the other projects related to the book, Ooligan will be working with Know Your City to create a tour of the jazz scene in Portland. This tour will be written by Ooligan students with guidance from experienced tour guides.

Know Your City Kiosk Kickstarter Campaign

Know Your City, the organization formerly known as The Dill Pickle Club, is planning to construct a bike-powered mobile bookstore and information kiosk for Old Town Portland. It will be located in the pedestrian area of SW Ankeny Alley, right next to Voodoo Doughnuts: the perfect place to target tourists and sell tickets to KYC events. Get some local knowledge with your iconic sugar bombs! To fund this project, KYC is running a Kickstarter campaign set to end on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 28). As of writing this post, KYC was nearly halfway to its goal of $10,000. The way Kickstarter works is all or nothing; either an assortment of supporters pledge the full $10,000 or the entire project falls through.

To give the Kickstarter campaign an extra fuel injection, KYC held a fundraising party, “A Night in the Alley,” on November 12. Several of the bars and restaurants in Ankeny Alley participated with extended happy hours and specials, including a one-night-only Know Your City doughnut from Voodoo.

KYC doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts

Know Your City Doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts
Image from Know Your City Facebook page.

Ooligan Press has a special interest in seeing this kiosk built. Several of our titles delve into Oregon’s culture and history and are stocked by Know Your City, including Brew to Bikes: Portland’s Artisan Economy,by Charles Heying. Support for the KYC kiosk is support for Ooligan and our authors.

Know Your City had a successful publishing venture of their own with the Oregon History Comics, a colorful box set of minicomics written by Sarah Mirk and illustrated by local comic artists. Soon KYC will launch Comics For Change! Illustrated Stories From Oregon’s Front Lines, a series of ten minicomics about social activism celebrating Oregon’s outspoken heralds of justice. The release party for Comics for Change is scheduled for the evening of December 12 at Darcelle XV Showplace. Darcelle (Walter Cole) is one of the heroes featured in Comics for Change.