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While I've enjoyed Audible, I can't help but feel I've fallen into the trap of a familiar app. There must be more out there. So, I decided to look into other audiobook sources to expand my library, and potentially, save some money.

In a world with a broad range of writing, is it possible to specialize in a subject matter you love?

Our project teams, managers, and department leads have spent the last 12-24 months shepherding your book through all the critical processes necessary to turn a manuscript into the product readers pick up off the shelf. The book has been edited, proofread, designed, marketed, posted about on social media, and submitted for awards. What could possibly be left? Welcome to the hidden final step of publishing a book: the archive!

At Ooligan Press, we have a set of best practices for supporting our authors and their books with social media channels. As part of the "Inside Ooligan" series, here's a look at what the Ooligan Press Social Media Manager does for our books in production.

Like many Oolies before me, when I first started the graduate program in Book Publishing at Portland State University, I thought I would be most interested in editorial. In fact, besides being an editor, I didn’t really know anything about the other jobs that existed in the publishing industry. I had a lot to learn!

Take a peek inside Ooligan at our audiobook scripting process.

You may have noticed that whenever you read an e-book the layout of the pages is slightly different from a print book or a PDF. It might be that the images are not in the same place or that the table of contents does not have page numbers, for example. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

People often wonder why exactly it takes so long to publish a book. Well, here's a peek inside our process at Ooligan Press.

The process of getting your book published with Ooligan Press can feel both exciting and nerve wracking in equal measures. To demystify some of the process and help our authors understand what the process will look like, let's talk about what happens after you've received the great news that Ooligan Press has acquired your project. How do you become your own book's best advocate?