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Hand holding a mobile phone showing two rows of commonly used apps. First row: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Second row: Chrome, Gmail, Spotify, and Messenger.

Many debut authors feel overwhelmed and confused by social media. But with modern digital marketing tools like social media, it is possible for authors with even a modest marketing budget to expand their reach and connect with enthusiastic readers effectively and in a more targeted manner than ever before.

stone road leading to medieval castle in mist

As we at Ooligan prepare to publish our own YA fantasy novel, THE KEEPERS OF ARIS, here's a list of Black YA fantasy novels that I recommend in no particular order.

A stack of books titled What Editors Do, The Subversive Copy Editor, and Chicago Manual of Style

There are so many books on editing out there for editing at every stage of the book process. Hopefully this list can kickstart your journey and guide you to more resources as you read.

book pages bent into shape of a heart with the text "Small Presses & Sex Positivity" over the book

Small, independent presses across the country are leading the way in cultivating conversations about human sexuality through their fiction and nonfiction publications. Check out these four indie publishers promoting sex positivity, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Photo of a full bookshelf. white arched text box reads "Inside Ooligan Press:", centered white box with fishhook logo, white text box across bottom of photo reads "The Project Team II"

The WHERE WE CALL HOME launch party went off without a hitch. Now we get to do the whole book production process all over again!

a stack of vintage black and white photographs showing children of various ages

Having such a meaningful project to work on kept us sane. It provided my grandparents with a chance to reflect on and take a dive deep into their lives and legacies, and it provided me with the chance to get to know each of them in a much more intimate way.

stacks of books on tables in a large exhibition hall

Book fairs and literary festivals are both important events in the publishing world, but is there a difference between these two literary exhibitions? Before learning more about publishing and becoming the rights manager at Ooligan, I had always assumed they were interchangeable.

photo of full bookshelf with white arched text box reading "Inside Ooligan Press:), the Ooligan Press fishhook logo centered, white text box across bottom of image reading "The Project Team"

Each of us puts our heart and soul into making the books we work on the best they can be and helping our authors have the best publishing experience possible.

Artist copying a sketch

Is it the author's duty not to copy/paste or is it the publisher's duty to make sure they are checking that the writing has not been recreated without credit before publishing it?