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Lincoln’s Daughter By Tony Wolk


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Lincoln’s Daughter completes Tony Wolk’s Lincoln “Out of Time” trilogy about inexplicable, time-traveling Abraham Lincoln, and the widow who gives birth to his daughter. A Lincoln scholar himself, Wolk blends historical facts and people with fictional characters, skillfully bringing time, place, and president to life—once again proving his dedication to both history and literature. It’s 1964, and Abraham Lincoln’s daughter, Sarah, daydreams about meeting her father. Her mother, Joan, met Lincoln nine years earlier when he was transported to Evanston, Illinois, from his own time and place for a day. When Sarah’s stepfather, Will, a Lincoln scholar, doesn’t return home from an overnight trip, Sarah and her mother have no way of knowing that he has traveled back in time to 1833 in the same mysterious way Lincoln came forward. The two grow more and more nervous waiting for him to come home. A stranger’s phone call and the discovery of an abandoned truck will push daughter, mother, and their old dog, Rusty, away from home in search of Will. During this journey, Sarah leaves 1964 behind and finds not only Will, but her father, Abraham Lincoln.

  • Available in: 5½˝ x 8½˝, paperback | 192 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-93-201025-1
  • Published: February 1, 2009

Praise for Lincoln’s Daughter

Lincoln’s Daughter is the final, and in my view the best, book in Tony Wolk’s trilogy about Abraham Lincoln. It brings the reader full-circle in the wonderful story of the magical day Lincoln found himself ninety years in the future and the result of that short stay: a daughter. Wolk places his fictionalized Lincoln in the historic context of Lincoln’s life in the 1830s. He gives his Lincoln a poise and language that we all hope the real Lincoln possessed. This is a story not just about Lincoln and his love for that one day he had in the future, but about the depth of the soul of the man, and his enduring capacity for love that he and his daughter have for one another even across the ages.

— Mike Burton, Chair, Oregon Lincoln Bicentennial Commission


“It is always a pleasure to return to the time-traveling Studebakers. Lincoln’s Daughter is a remarkably generous book, equal parts sweetness and wisdom. The characters, both historical and fictional, are drawn with care and love; the observations about history, family, and connection are profound and thought-provoking . I seldom read a book that makes me as thoroughly happy as this did.”

— Karen Joy Fowler

“Tony Wolk has a definite gift in bringing to life the thoughts and mannerisms of a young Abraham Lincoln in this latest installment of his ‘Lincoln’ series. The chapters delineating the growing friendship between the young Abraham Lincoln and time traveller Bill Studebaker on the road to Springfield in January of 1833 offer an endearing insight into the analytical mind of the budding politician. Wolk is a masterful storyteller.”

— KC Piccard-Krone, President, Friends of History, Portland State University

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