University Presses: Innovating in the Digital Age

University presses have tended to be slow to change, mirroring the incremental pace of change of their host institutions. However, as their traditional revenue streams have dried up, and as digitization has upended the publishing industry, university presses have been under pressure to innovate to keep up with changing times.
Alt-text: Interior of the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. The library is lined with bookshelves, has students studying, and features gothic architecture.


Editing Poetry: A Look at The Sonnet

Is this a typo or is it just poetry? Editing poetry can appear so daunting at times because of this infamous question. Everything within a poem can seem intentional. From two em dashes in a row to a misspelled word, it can be hard to decipher what’s needed and what isn’t. However, there are poetry rules of thumb that make it a little easier to navigate a poem.


How Audiobooks Make it to Your Favorite Platforms

Rights holders, a term used to describe the person or publishing company with the rights to an audiobook, may choose one distributor over another for various reasons. It may be that the distributor offers the full production and distribution package, that their royalty rates are higher than those of their competitors, or that their audiobooks are accessible on different platforms than their competitors.


Sensational Reading: Judging a Book by Its Color

Think of book design like giving a gift. The wrapping paper or gift bag you use to conceal the contents will affect how excited the person receiving the gift will be to discover what is inside. These visual influences are psychologically conditioned in our brains from early childhood that either draw us towards what we typically like or alert us to avoid the undesirable.

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