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How to Write Autistic Characters

Autism is a spectrum with many traits and personality types; it’s not a one size fits all diagnosis. Yet, what is shown of autism in popular media are typically negative stereotypes of autism: bluntness, a lack of empathy, abrasiveness, among other traits. If you want to know more about autism and writing authentic autistic characters, or how to spot them, read on!


A Book Start to Finish: Thorn City

Thorn City is Ooligan Press’ forthcoming suspense/thriller title. Now that the developmental edit and title generation have been completed, the book is moving on to the next steps. During the Winter 2023 term, the heavy copyedit was sent to the author for review and the Thorn City team has been working on the persona exercise, marketing plan, and cover design brief.


AWEsome Editing

Automated writing evaluation (AWE) software such as Grammarly, Bartleby, and Microsoft Word’s spellchecker can’t replace human editors, but they can be used in conjunction with traditional editing to increase productivity and allow the human editor to focus on more individualized feedback.

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