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Speaking Out: Women, War, and the Global Economy By Jan Haaken


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What can the rest of the world do to help a war torn country? Every day in the headlines, on the home front, and around the world, we face the issue of how war affects people. Speaking Out leads this important discussion by asking the question: why war? Speaking Out addresses the effects of war on gender and reparation in a five-part, interactive curriculum that is adaptable for differing educational levels, from secondary school to college. Based on the documentary Diamonds, Guns, and Rice, Speaking Out bridges the local and the global, placing gripping personal stories in an international landscape and highlighting the creative capacities that survive war. The relevance of such lessons in today’s world proves invaluable as we ask the questions: who are the victims of war? What are the effects of war? How are these effects overcome? Speaking Out grew from an international peace project addressing issues of war from the personal effects of combat to institutional factors shaping armed conflicts. Stories, games, and role-playing are interwoven with lessons on colonialism, West African agricultural economy, international banking, diamond and arms trades, and peace-building projects.  The book is accompanied by the documentary DVD, Diamonds, Guns, and Rice: Sierra Leone and the Women’s Peace Movement. 

View Diamonds , Guns and Rice here. 

  • Available in: 8.5″ x 11″, softcover | 193 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1932010053
  • Published: June 1, 2014

Praise for Speaking Out: Women, War, and the Global Economy

“Speaking Out: Women, War, and the Global Economy draws a map for students, identifying the economic and political grid in which violence unfolds at the local level. I am deeply grateful to Jan Haaken and her co-authors for bringing into clear focus the psycho–social impact of wars in Africa, with attention to our own situation in Sierra Leone.” — Maude Peacock, Sierra Leone Women’s Forum, Consultant to Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Zinn Education Project


This is a wonderful resource of the classroom…correctly attuned to the nuances of gender, culture, class, and power in Sierra Leone and beyond. It is precisely what teachers need when discussing Africa with their students.

— Rona E. Peligal, Ph.D., Human Rights Watch

For Teachers

Engage students in the understanding of women’s rights and socioeconomic issues with the interactive pairing of Speaking Out: Women, War, and the Global Economy and the book’s accompanying documentary DVD, Diamonds, Guns, and Rice: Sierra Leone and the Women’s Peace Movement. With material that crosses international borders, Speaking Out provides lesson plans that investigate the female experience as it is continually altered and defined by violent global conflict. The book examines the personal, social, political, and economic consequences of war through the eyes of women, all under the broader umbrella of colonialism, economics, and gender relations. Diamonds, Guns, and Rice explores how agriculture, international banking, and the diamond and arms trade influence war, and how the peace-building efforts initiated by women attempt to counter its detrimental effects. This easily adaptable five-part curriculum bridges local and global issues by provoking interactive dialog within the classroom. Speaking Out/Diamonds, Guns, and Rice are terrific resources for any educator dedicated to promoting global peace, women’s studies, and social justice.

Grades: 10–12, College

Topics: Global Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Gender (In)Equality, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Testimonial, Racial (In)Equality, Social Justice

Genre: Social Studies, Women’s Studies, Cultural and Historical Theory