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The Keepers of Aris By Autumn Green


COMING ON May 9, 2023

The human world has almost entirely forgotten about Aris Magica, the secretive realm of magic that exists parallel to humanity. When an evil presence returns to ignite a war between the worlds, Jay must challenge fate and reckon with her growing powers, or let Aris Magica and the human world perish.

Jay Raremore has always lived with an immense and growing power but has never known how to control her gifts or why she was given them. All Jay knows is that she’s different from the other kids at the Institute, the boarding school for Aris Magicians where Jay and her best friend study magic.

Dylan McCoy has lost almost everything to a demon, except Jay. He will do whatever it takes to protect her and get revenge for his parents’ murders.

But now there is a new threat; Aturdokht, an ancient witch, is awakening, and Jay is the only one who can stop her. After Dylan is attacked by Aturdokht, the leaders of the Institute are put on high alert. They bring in an outsider named Cryis—a man who is more than he appears to be—to train Jay in controlling her magic. Jay must choose to accept her fate or let both worlds burn. Why should she show mercy to the world that has shown her none?

About the Author

Autumn Green is a debut author who first began creating fictitious worlds and characters in the fourth grade. After graduating from Drury University with a degree in animation and writing, Autumn has spent the last few years writing YA novels. In her writing, Autumn enjoys crafting characters with a tangible spark and designing an escape for readers. Autumn lives in Peculiar, Missouri, and spends her summers exploring the world with her family and friends.

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Product details

  • ISBN-13: 9781947845435
  • Publisher: Ooligan Press
  • Publication date: May 9, 2023
  • Pages: 273
  • Format: Trade Paperback (also available in ebook)
  • Product dimensions: 5.5.” x 8.5″