Alive at the Center By Bonnie Nish, Chris Gilpin, Cody Walker, David D. Horowitz, Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Jesse Lichenstein, Kathleen Flenniken, Leah Stenson, Rob Taylor, Robin Susanto, Susan Denning and Susan McCaslin


The Pacific Poetry Project’s first volume, Alive at the Center, aims to capture the thriving poetic atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. It concentrates on the three major cities that define it—Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver B.C. This anthology, compiled and edited by an outstanding poet from each city, is a cultural conversation among the unique urban communities whose perspectives share more than just a common landscape. Alive at the Center features distinctive, contemporary poets who speak to the individual spirits of these Pacific Northwest cities.

Memories Flow in Our Veins By CALYX Press


Memories Flow in Our Veins: Forty Years of Women’s Writing from CALYX is an elegant literary history of feminist nonprofit CALYX Press, revealed through a collection of poetry and prose from their rich archive of women’s literature. Featuring all-new introductory content by the CALYX Editorial Collective and vibrant contributions by thirty of their most renowned authors, this anthology explores the evolving realities and aspirations of women across cultures, generations, and perspectives. We follow young girls as they discover their womanhood, behold wives and mothers pushing beyond the boxes society has put them in, and witness as aging women reckon with the dynamic effects of time. This anthology pays tribute to CALYX Press, their contributions to literature, and their commitment to the future of women writers.