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Because academic publishing requires rigorous research and has strict guidelines for form and content, the process of getting a paper published (especially for the first time) can be intimidating. The value that these publications bring with them, however, is well worth the time and effort put into answering a Call for Papers.

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BookTubers are a well-known part of the book-loving community. BookTube is the place on YouTube people go to hear others rave about books they love or discuss all things wrong with the books they don't. Throw in some fun bookish tags and it is the perfect space for readers to get more content when they aren't curled up with a book. That being said, BookTube has gone through some important changes over the years and one vital change is that the personalities and faces of these channels are becoming more and more diverse.

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We all experience writer's block from time to time. It might be a novel. It might be a technical report. It might be a research paper. Maybe you are tired. Maybe you are uninspired. Maybe you are lacking confidence. Whatever the project and whatever the reason, you just can't get the first few words down on paper.

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The business of publishing is difficult because it is almost entirely based on whether or not a manuscript will appeal to a broad audience; if there isn't a huge perceived audience, publishers unfortunately have to say no to manuscripts that would otherwise be amazing books all the time. Where do all those rejected manuscripts go?

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What makes an old book new—at least in the eyes of the consumer? Publishers of classic novels face the distinct challenge of marketing books that have already been extensively read, loved, discussed, and marketed. More often than not, publishers are not selling the content of the book—after all, the words are already tried and true—they are selling the experience.

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What is the difference between personal branding and professional branding? Why does it matter and when is it better to use one over the other? Let's start by defining what each one is.

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Whether you specialize in developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, or some combination of the three, there are a few great online platforms you can use to kickstart or revamp your freelance career.

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Crossing the Line: Knowing your Edit

When a copyeditor is entranced in correcting inconsistencies, they can get trapped in suggesting rewrites and spending too much time leaving comments on plot, which is the job of a developmental editor. Sometimes a developmental editor can be so distracted by the grammatical errors that they end up scanning the whole manuscript before proceeding to plot hole corrections.

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In the developmental editing process, you might notice an author relying on similar images and words that are repeated every so often throughout the manuscript. As editors, we can facilitate and expand the growth of our authors' prose through poetry to inspire fresh language and images. By encouraging the author to read poetry for specific craft skills and ideas, they can translate what the poets are doing to their prose writing, and add more diverse elements to their style.

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Learning how to navigate relationships with authors is an essential part of being in the industry. There is bound to be some disagreement with the way the book is being edited, designed, marketed, and publicized. As the publicity manager for Ooligan Press, I have been in delicate situations where everyone's feelings must be taken into account. And the most important thing I've learned from going through these slightly awkward situations is that communication is king.

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Some publishers that don't typically focus on comics sometimes include one or two in their catalog, so even if you're not looking to specialize in comics editing, it can be useful to know how to handle a comic if it comes across your desk.

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I started my bookstagram page at the end of September 2020. In under half a year, I have amassed 3,400 plus followers, held conversations with some of my favorite authors, and made many bookish friends. There are many bookstagram "secrets" only accessible to those engaging with other accounts, consuming a lot of content, and running an actual bookstagram account. Thus, I have gathered my most useful tips and tricks on how to operate and brand a successful bookstagram account.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and just because things may look a little different this year doesn’t mean the books will be any less swoon-worthy! Here are five up-and-coming YA books coming out in February to get everyone in the mood for the day celebrating all kinds of love.

One tree stands on a hill: One half is thriving in a lush green landscape, while the other is barren in a desert under the hot sun.

Have you ever heard of climate fiction? How about eco-fiction or environmental fiction? There are many names for this trending genre and its popularity is only increasing. Essentially, this genre explores humanity's influence on the environment. Oftentimes, science fiction and dystopian literature can also be considered cli-fi. It examines what could happen in our future regarding climate change, other man-made environmental issues, or it displays current ecological issues at a personal level.

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Taking criticism is never easy, especially when it comes to a piece of creative work. Respectful and open communication between author and editor will lead to the most fruitful editorial process, which is why establishing solid author relations needs to be a high priority for a book editor.

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Whatever changes, we know from history that technology will play a large part. Spending the time to learn new technology will allow publishers to work smarter instead of harder.

FAULTLAND's red book cover featuring a map of Portland in the shape of a piano.

We knew early on that FAULTLAND was the kind of book that could carry a strong and unconventional social media presence, and our Oolies are busily working away to demonstrate just how accurate that prediction was.

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Is the golden ratio an applicable concept in book design, or is its practicality in book design a myth?

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Ooligan Press receives many unsolicited submissions through our Submittable from authors all over the world looking to get their books published. Despite the traffic our Submittable receives, there are times where the works we have received do not provide the press with the manuscripts we need. This is where community outreach comes into play.

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I wish I had learned about the connection between editing and revising sooner. I fell in love with revision and realized that my passion is in helping other writers create their best work. Revising helped me realize that I want to work in the publishing industry; I just wish these connections were made clearer in high school. I would have realized my passion much sooner.