University Presses: Innovating in the Digital Age

University presses have tended to be slow to change, mirroring the incremental pace of change of their host institutions. However, as their traditional revenue streams have dried up, and as digitization has upended the publishing industry, university presses have been under pressure to innovate to keep up with changing times.
Alt-text: Interior of the Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington. The library is lined with bookshelves, has students studying, and features gothic architecture.

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How to Write Autistic Characters

Autism is a spectrum with many traits and personality types; it’s not a one size fits all diagnosis. Yet, what is shown of autism in popular media are typically negative stereotypes of autism: bluntness, a lack of empathy, abrasiveness, among other traits. If you want to know more about autism and writing authentic autistic characters, or how to spot them, read on!

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