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Editing Poetry: A Look at The Sonnet

Is this a typo or is it just poetry? Editing poetry can appear so daunting at times because of this infamous question. Everything within a poem can seem intentional. From two em dashes in a row to a misspelled word, it can be hard to decipher what’s needed and what isn’t. However, there are poetry rules of thumb that make it a little easier to navigate a poem.


AWEsome Editing

Automated writing evaluation (AWE) software such as Grammarly, Bartleby, and Microsoft Word’s spellchecker can’t replace human editors, but they can be used in conjunction with traditional editing to increase productivity and allow the human editor to focus on more individualized feedback.

INSIDE OOLIGAN How We Publish Books (3)

Inside Ooligan Press: Your Manuscript is Accepted! Now What?

So, you wrote a killer query letter and submitted a proper proposal. You won over Acquisitions and we pitched your project to the press successfully, then we offered to publish your book: now what? For the sake of transparency and in an effort to demystify this crazy little thing called publishing, I humbly offer you an inside look at what you can expect when working with Ooligan Press.

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