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The MFA curriculum presents writers with opportunities to hone their craft, workshop with other writers, and receive mentoring from faculty. What’s more, many aspiring authors see an MFA as their golden ticket to being published...But does an MFA actually increase writers' chances of getting published?

Cover of Lobizona

I don’t mean to discount the fantastic gains other marginalized authors have made in fantasy or literature as a whole, but Black, Asian, and other author and characters of color still need more representation in the fantasy genre. But that got me thinking about the lack of Latinx representation in fantasy and why it has yet to gain that kind of momentum in the recent literature.

An ebook reader standing against a pile of printed books

One of the main aspects that is necessary to understand about digital literature (and that is a particular characteristic of the subscription-based streaming era we are living in) is that unlike its printed counterpart, digital books are streamed, not owned.

photo of a bookshelf with arched white box with text "Inside Ooligan Press", white square centered with Ooligan fishhook logo, white text bar across bottom with words "DEI at Ooligan"

In a previous blog post, I introduced myself as the DEI Publisher's Assistant for Ooligan Press and gave a brief overview of my position; here, I'm back to walk you through my involvement with each book as it makes its way through the publishing process.

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Elephants appear across genres from children books to non-fiction to historical fiction. There is an elephant book for everyone to read on National Elephant Appreciation Day.

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According to NPD Bookscan, it seems that being an LGBTQ+ book is a good thing right now, at least for sales. But what if, in some ways, those same labels are losing sales as well?

Two women on a picnic blanket, one reading, on a fall day

For some, especially for those who feel the impact of the overturn of Roe v. Wade in our personal lives, a good story with a strong woman protagonist to ignite the fire within and remind us of the strength that we possess is just what we need. Strength comes in many forms and this book list explores many of them.

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Readers have the power to maintain a high level of diversity within the books they consume. Being on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, offers unlimited access to Black authors and voices who promote books that have representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) characters and storylines.

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If you've ever picked up a book from your local library, bookstore, or online retailer and thought to yourself, "how was this printed," "why is the cover bound like this," or "what are these fancy ripped edges called?" buckle up, because this post is for you.