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The world talks about being good citizens, but what does it mean to be a good literary citizen, particularly in the publishing world? One of the main ways people are thought to be good literary citizens is by supporting writers and buying their books. But is there more to being a good literary citizen than book buying?

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The good news is that like many other professional-level tools like InDesign, we only use a small number of its features on a day-to-day basis. The bad news is that over the lifetime of a book, that exact "small number" changes, and by the time the manuscript is all placed, the layout designer will have checked or changed nearly everything the computer needs to know about how to format the book. The best way to become fluent with a tool like InDesign is to practice, practice, practice.

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One of the most important elements to consider when beginning a new writing project is point of view (POV). Every story, article, research journal, play, etc. uses POV, and many people, whether they think about it or not, have a preference when it comes to what they like to read and/or write. Depending on the project you're working on, there are many ways you can use POV to your advantage.

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Bulk upload sheets, also known as BUSes, house the numerous social media post materials for a social media marketing campaign, keep the campaign organized, and streamline the uploading process to your scheduling platform. If you're curious about BUS file types, layout, creating your own BUS, and keeping a BUS organized, keep reading!

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Giving children stories that represent different people and lifestyles is not only helping us improve the amount of diversity we have in our world, but also all of their individual emotional health by making all children feel worthy and like they have a place in society.

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Representation is important for reinforcing the idea that asexuality is a valid sexual orientation and identity and that fulfilling relationships are absolutely attainable for people who identify as asexual. Author of THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA, TJ Klune has made incredible strides in queer representation in general and ace representation specifically. In interviews and on his blog, he advocates for more representation and remains a beacon of hope to other aspiring writers who want to include ace characters and relationships in their novels, whether they identify as ace or not.

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Where there is no general sexual frivolity in a bisexual character, there may instead be the assertion of "confusion." This is particularly true in cases where the audience is led to believe (not know, as this usually happens through suggestion instead of saying the words out loud, which is a whole other issue in and of itself) that a character is bisexual, but they tend to end up with the opposite gender. While this is fine in theory, the issue we're faced with is the perpetuation of the stereotype that bisexuals are just "confused" or "experimenting," and that when they settle down, they will inevitably choose a "straight" relationship.

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The more followers, the better the chances that advertised products—in this case, books—will sell successfully. But it turns out that having millions of followers is still not a guarantee of a rise in sales when authors or celebrities post about books.

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It goes without saying that making sure a book has correct and detailed metadata is extremely important to book publishing. How else will a future reader find your book online in the sea of thousands of texts that exist and are published all the time?