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The uptick in the number of horror publications directed at children offers a new way of exploring the genre and relating it to the real world, a tactic that could help developing minds understand the world around them.

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Smaller publishers provide authors and publishing professionals with spaces in which they can truly believe in their message and the people they work with, which may be the future of book buying.

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The Marketing Plan: the official unofficial draft of your entire campaign. It’s where you’ll determine your book’s target audience and brainstorm how to successfully position it in a congested market. A successful Marketing Plan uniquely appeals to its intended audience so your book sells.

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At first read, the strong female character comes off as, well, strong. She is fierce, she (usually) defies the rules set by the world's society, she isn't afraid to do what she has to, etc., but here's the catch: she is written without feminine-identifying characteristics and rejects femininity.

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Inclusivity has become a prominent value to us, but in between all of this, the disability community has yet to be given the same attention. Where are the dedicated spaces for disabled authors? Where is the push for accessibility? Why aren’t there more intersectional characters that include a disability/disabilities?

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Portland has a rich literary community full of amazing writers, dedicated readers, and endless amounts of creativity! In response, organizations have blossomed around all of that bountiful energy in hopes of doing anything they can to help nurture it.

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news editors that are conducting developmental editing, such as the editor-in-chief or section editor, are ultimately in control of the vision for the writing. They function as gatekeepers for the content, tone, and even the piece itself—cutting an article from a newspaper entirely is always on the table. For book editors, the author is still the driving force behind the work’s purpose and voice, as they aren’t always held to the uniform standard of a cohesive newspaper.

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One year after his passing, Ooligan Press remembers and honors Michael Munk, author of The Portland Red Guide. The Portland Red Guide explores the history of social dissent, labor movements, and leftist politics in the City of Roses, illuminating stories and struggles often overlooked in your average history textbook.

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The world of events is constantly changing, but for now, Ooligan Press has you covered.