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Graffiti of the word "poetry" being painted by an adult hand

Many avenues come to mind when we think of marketing a book. Social media, public-facing events, local outreach, and more—there are numerous ways that authors and their teams can work to get consumers interested in the upcoming release. However, the one genre that seems to be overlooked here (leaving the responsibility to therefore fall on the writer) is poetry.

A book with two pages curved up to form the shape of a heart

There's no better way to beat the dreary Oregon winter than to turn on the heat. A great way to do that is to add a little spice to your reading pile with a deeply engrossing romance. Here are a few LGBTQ+ romances to warm you from inside out, written by local Oregon authors who haven't seen the sun this winter just as much as you, so they know how it feels.

yellow smiley face painted onto pavement with text reading "stay safe"

While some authors may think that including warnings in their books will deter potential readers, it can actually have quite the opposite effect.

African American woman looking up over her left shoulder, in pop-art background

I picked up my first graphic novel back in 2020 and fell madly in love with the simple yet beautiful artwork, and the heart-wrenching story.

group of people talking at a table with papers in front of them

These groups are great for motivation from like-minded people and getting to talk with fellow writers can help get your creative juices flowing.

A green-speckled, orange pumpkin sits on a small bundle of tan wheat and a green leaf. Next to it sits a white present with a red bow. Sitting on top of the present is a red rose.

But the amount of holiday themed romance novels that are advertised through the last half of the year makes one wonder—does anyone read those books after the holiday season passes?

the word "proofread" followed check boxes that say "grammar," "formatting," and "spelling"

The book is nearly complete and just needs a final check to ensure that errors weren't introduced during the design process and that there are no lingering grammatical errors.

chalk-painted rainbow

"With so many seeking to erase transgender people—sometimes in the most brutal ways possible—it is vitally important that those we lose are remembered, and that we continue to fight for justice." — Gwendolyn Ann Smith

A hiker gazes up at the vast, green, forested mountain in front of them

Woolington's essays focus on the history of each species, illustrate the importance of each species to the various Native peoples of the lands, and bring to light the importance of conservation of each species.