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When designing a book cover, your goal is to attract the attention of your target market without misleading them, and that begins with selecting an appropriate font.

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A great MG title should capture the child's imagination, while also satisfying potential gatekeepers.

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This is an important and growing part of the US population that also reflects in the current literature. That’s why here we present you with some emerging and established Latinx authors that you should keep an eye out for.

cover of Chicago Manual of Style

Anyone who has used Chicago Manual of Style, or any style guide for that matter, will know that sometimes the rules seem arbitrary or contradictory and full of exceptions. Here are three often confused rules and their many exceptions.

people talking and collaborating at a table

Working in acquisitions or as an editor can be exciting. You get to work with authors directly and help them shape their manuscripts into the best possible story it can be. But if you're not used to giving constructive criticism, where do you begin?

Girl reading book

The uptick in the number of horror publications directed at children offers a new way of exploring the genre and relating it to the real world, a tactic that could help developing minds understand the world around them.

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Smaller publishers provide authors and publishing professionals with spaces in which they can truly believe in their message and the people they work with, which may be the future of book buying.

the word Marketing in colorful letters

The Marketing Plan: the official unofficial draft of your entire campaign. It’s where you’ll determine your book’s target audience and brainstorm how to successfully position it in a congested market. A successful Marketing Plan uniquely appeals to its intended audience so your book sells.

Woman in armor with sword and a growling white wolf

At first read, the strong female character comes off as, well, strong. She is fierce, she (usually) defies the rules set by the world's society, she isn't afraid to do what she has to, etc., but here's the catch: she is written without feminine-identifying characteristics and rejects femininity.