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We read content all the time that doesn’t align to any style guide at all and title formatting is based on what the author may vaguely remember from high school. This guide will help clear up some of that confusion and create a document that you can refer back to whenever you come across this problem in your own writing or editing.

Each data point represents an avenue for booksellers, librarians, and readers to search for our books. The CoreSource tipsheet isn't something that's written and then forgotten about; it's a living document. It follows the book for the rest of its shelf life, so that it can continue building avenues for new readers.

There's no hard-and-fast rule for dictating a press's size, so I broadened my scope when I was searching for answers. Since book publishing is a business, I decided to search for what constituted a small business in the US.

When people learn about what we're doing, entering the world of comics with no experience, with only logical reasoning and a sincere desire to learn spurring us on, I generally get two reactions: enthusiastic delight or doubtful dissuasion.

Although I've been learning a lot about the different facets of publishing at Ooligan Press and in the Book Publishing Program, I wanted to learn more. So, when I heard the 2023 PubWest Conference was happening in Seattle, I jumped at the chance to attend.

In the same way that Powell’s is an essential Portland experience, a hometown bookstore can help you feel like a local in a new place. As you travel up and down Highway 1 or 101 this summer, here are some bookstores you won’t want to miss.

As of 2019, according to Pew Research Center, 4.6 million Indian Americans live in the United States, more than two times the population of 1.9 million in 2000. Indian Americans are an important part of the Asian American community and it's past time that their literary contributions are recognized.

I’ve compiled a list of popular book genres and the Portland parks they can be best enjoyed at. The next time you crave that fresh Pacific air and a cozy reading session, you can easily decide where to head.

Branding Brief—The branding brief defines what we want the "brand" to be for your book. At Ooligan Press, each book we publish has a unique brand—meaning each book has a unique aesthetic which communicates its message and makes it different from other books.