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Artists, programmers, and other professionals have been known to hide signatures in their work. In computer programming, it's the "easter egg" you find in many video games; for example, there's a reference to Star Wars in Skyrim if you know where to look. Authors and publishing professionals are not immune to this urge to leave their mark on their work.

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We finally made it out of blurb season. Over the course of two months, we asked around thirty authors to write a blurb for LOVE, DANCE & EGG ROLLS. We received around ten responses, and out of those ten, five said yes. If this process taught our project team anything, it is that asking authors to say nice things about your book truly is an art.

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Rhythm of War is Brandon Sanderson's fourth entry in a planned ten-book series called the Stormlight Archive. As part of the book's campaign, Sanderson released a YouTube video that gives an inside look at how editors take on epic fantasy.

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Copyright law can be confusing. Self-published authors often find themselves vulnerable when it comes to understanding how and when copyright works. To help combat this lack of knowledge, this quick guide—which should not be mistaken for legal advice—can help authors understand the basics of copyright law. So, what is fair use, that "©" sign, and how do you register for copyright?

The cover of SHORT, VIGOROUS ROOTS, a 2022 anthology published by Ooligan Press, centered over an image of a colorful foreign city taken from the sky

Are you lost when it comes to designing social media images for your upcoming book? This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of creating basic social media images to promote your book, including the preferred image dimensions for several social media platforms.

Consumers often choose companies that they can trust and that they feel connected to. Transparency goes a long way with current and future customers.

Public libraries exist to provide free and easy access to information to the population they serve, and the OverDrive app has made providing and obtaining that information easier than ever.

Most often, pain develops in the cervical spine, which is the place—like the spine of your book—holding everything together. How can we promote a positive book culture when reading is associated with a negative physical experience?

Fri, 23 Dec 2016 17:00:40 +0000 Write to Publish (W2P) 2017 is getting closer, and we are thrilled to reveal the rest …