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If you have ever written a book, you might have considered self-publishing, and probably creating an ebook version of your manuscript as well. But you might have run into questions such as: Can I create the ebook for my own manuscript? How do I even start?

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To market a book, you've got to market your brand. This is where extending outreach to new or secondary audiences reimagines a stagnant brand strategy. [At Ooligan] We've taken the hassle away from literary analysis and created an online, self-guided curriculum for teachers, librarians, and independent learners alike.

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So, you wrote a killer query letter and submitted a proper proposal. You won over Acquisitions and we pitched your project to the press successfully, then we offered to publish your book: now what? For the sake of transparency and in an effort to demystify this crazy little thing called publishing, I humbly offer you an inside look at what you can expect when working with Ooligan Press.

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For instance, there are many people who utilize multiple sets of pronouns for different reasons, whether that's because of who they are with, the situation they are in, or simply because one pronoun doesn't fully encapsulate how one experiences their gender. . . . So what are some books where characters are genderfluid and/or utilize multiple sets of pronouns?

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So, you wrote a killer query letter and we requested a proposal package, but what does that mean? Before you go and resubmit the same query letter and call it your proposal (as MANY have done) think again!

As any fan knows, it can be hard to move on when you’ve just finished binge-watching your favorite show. So if you’re looking for something new, or just want to read a book that feels like a familiar show, here are four book recommendations based on your favorite queer TV series!

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The COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed the world when it came knocking on our doors in 2020. Things we didn’t expect to change …

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Immigration is a dynamic and growing phenomenon that is at the core of the US, and if you are interested in narratives that focus on this topic (and not just related to this country), here is a list of books that might interest you.

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While style guides can be considered living documents, edited over time to more accurately reflect the current zeitgeist, there is something relieving about having guidelines written by and specifically for one's group of origin rather than originally for an exclusive audience.