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Catalogs are large documents (either print or digital) that have all the information an agent, publisher, or book buyer would need to learn about the titles you are looking to market or sell.

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Anyone invested in the future of this world should have an interest in going carbon-neutral, especially industries that produce large amounts of waste or harmful gases. Inevitably, this includes the book publishing industry, which contributes to the increase in greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

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The art of book publishing has always been an elusive pipe dream, mostly because I never really understood what happens and what the process really is. No, it's not just sending your book off to the company and being told yes or no and having the book immediately go to print, which is what my naive mind thought. Here are a couple of things that the team has taught me, and what I get to do for the book we are publishing.

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There are a lot of blurred lines and gray areas, and even the pros sometimes have difficulty differentiating between these terms and properly placing novels in the correct category. But knowing the basics of each term (and understanding the audience each category represents) can help publishers and authors make sure their books succeed and can help booksellers and librarians make sure those books reach their intended audiences.

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A strong letter hooks the reader and leaves them wanting more, but it is not as easy as it sounds, especially if a writer doesn't understand what makes a query letter strong. Whether you are submitting your query to an agent or directly to a publisher, here is what you need to know.

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As we find ourselves still in the middle of the pandemic, it is hard not to think about what it was like before and how things have changed and how each individual has been affected, whether in their personal or professional lives. Businesses in different industries have had to change and adapt to keep going. However, unlike some industries, the publishing industry has actually seen growth amid the pandemic.

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All the efforts to decode best-selling books show that the industry is working toward understanding what is behind a successful book. Could this be the beginning of a new era in the publishing industry where the acquisition process changes?

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Here lies part two of my booklist of anything LGBTQIA2S+ for my queer summer reading goals!

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Here lies my booklist of anything LGBTQIA2S+ for my queer summer reading goals! It is important to me to be inclusive and diverse with my picks, though queerness is as expansive as the universe, so there’s no single list that covers it all! That's fine, it just means more lists for this Virgo!