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Three LGBTQIA2S+ People Standing Beside Shutter Door

Here lies my booklist of anything LGBTQIA2S+ for my queer summer reading goals! It is important to me to be inclusive and diverse with my picks, though queerness is as expansive as the universe, so there’s no single list that covers it all! That's fine, it just means more lists for this Virgo!

woman wearing glasses at computer

With the added appeal of making your own schedule and essentially managing your own business, why wouldn’t you want to be your own boss?

A child in a spacesuit attached to a book

Since the Big Five have the most publishing power, the best way to investigate the popular fiction they make is to dive into their genre fiction-focused imprints.

table at Frankfurt Book Fair

When I stepped onto the plane headed to Stuttgart, Germany, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea that the next few months would be an incredible adventure I would never forget and that would open up a whole new world of book publishing.

Two business people use both hands to exchange business cards.

International book fairs are some of the largest industry events in the world, which means they're excellent opportunities to branch into new markets or sell your publisher's rights. They're also excellent opportunities to get hopelessly lost, confused, and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and amount there is to do. If you want to make the plane ticket and entrance fee worth your while, it's important to prepare before you land.

woman with pen and crumpled papers

Agents and editors are still linchpins of the publishing process, and a book coach doesn’t replace either role. But since it's harder than ever to get to the top of submission piles, a book coach might be the right professional to help some authors get from page one to published.

young girl interacting with a human-like AI

There is a deep commitment to equity in most of the publishing world, but just over the horizon is a whole new set of partners creeping into our industry.

person holding a globe

Book publishing has a long history of international collaboration. Publishers around the world are constantly exchanging manuscripts, translating them, and sharing their culture with others. Here in the US, publishers regularly sell rights to international markets and export manuscripts to foreign countries, but unfortunately, this process is currently a one-way street. We export significantly more manuscripts than we import.

Like publishers, booksellers are passionate about delivering books to the readers who will enjoy them the most. A lot of careful consideration, meticulous thought, and intense debate goes into positioning books on the shelves so that readers can find the one they can't put down.