Celebrating Another Successful Send-Off

Ruth gets into character while reading a passage from The Ninth Day

Ruth gets into character while reading a passage from The Ninth Day

It has only been a few short weeks since I have last updated, but it certainly seems like much longer. As I wrote during my last post of 2013, the launch party for The Ninth Day happened on December 16 at the Koehler House. One of the Ninth Day project team members blogged about the party here. As most of our efforts for the last week or two of the term were concentrated on finalizing launch details, it was an enormous relief to see the party go off without a hitch. Attendees of the launch were even treated to a quick tour of the Koehler house and got see all of the house’s special features, including the secret safe downstairs and the third floor attic, which is said to be the favorite haunt of Gustav, one of the original inhabitants of the house. As is tradition, Ruth read select passages from the book and answered questions afterward. She also treated us all to an inside peak into the forthcoming third book in the Blue Thread series, which she is currently working on. Now that the book has launched, we are in full-on sales mode. This term we will be implementing the sell-through plan that the team created in the fall. This plan includes following up with some of the market influencers we targeted last fall, applying for awards, and coordinating a blog tour, among other tasks. In April, Ruth will be hosting a fantasy panel. Stay tuned to Ooligan’s blog and Facebook for updates and more information on that event.

Launch Date Set!

Over the past few weeks, I have been posting quite a bit about the Ninth Day team’s efforts to secure a launch venue and date. Happily, our efforts have paid off, and we are proud to announce that The Ninth Day will officially launch on Monday, December 16at 7 p.m. at the historic Koehler house (732 NW 19th Avenue), which is currently home to the law firm Kilmer, Voorhees, and Laurick. This building features prominently as Miriam Josefson’s home in Ruth’s first novel, Blue Thread. The team and I will be visiting the site this week to strategize for the launch, and the next few weeks are going to be busy busy busy with activities brainstorm and event planning.

In addition to the December launch, Powell’s Books at Cedar Crossing will host a reading from The Ninth Day this Friday, November 15, at 7 p.m. Ruth was also recently interviewed by Dan Sodowsky over at OPB about historical fiction and her writing process.

I was blown away by the incredibly comprehensive media brainstorms that John Hartman’s Transmedia Marketing class was able to come up with when I sat in on them last week. They have thought up some brilliant strategies to get the word out about the Blue Thread series. This conversation will continue when John, Ruth, our marketing lead, Adam, and some of the Ninth Day team meet again this week.