Flipping the Project Plan

Hello all,

During the last two weeks, the Mastersounds team has been working on researching and creating a marketing strategy that will be used near the launch of the book. This plan encompasses book reviews, podcasts, and important people that we think will be excited about the content and will help spread the word of the book. While marketing is generally completed at the end of a project schedule, we decided to push this part before production because of the amount of time that we want to dedicate to the design.

Along with creating the marketing plan, the team is on its way to finishing up our project video that will introduce everyone to our amazing author, Lynn Darroch. We were happy to have the assistance of the PSU Jazz school to display some of the music that we have in the Pacific Northwest.

Looking to the future of the project, we are getting closer and closer to seeing what the final book will be. It is exciting to work on a project as community-centered, and the timeline for this project has allowed Ooligan as a whole to develop and add to its unique set of skills.

Continuing to Research and Create

Hello all,

Over the last two weeks, the Mastersounds team has been hard at work creating and researching elements that continue to shape and develop the overall plan for the final masterpiece.

Some of the research that was done these last few weeks looked into specific news organizations and social markets that can be used when marketing different stages of the book, from development to launch. The idea is to create a plan that allows us at Ooligan to reach the jazz community at large. To do this, we divide up the sections and do specific research so that we get as many contacts as possible.

We also looked into several existing tours that will influence the different aspects of the jazz tour we are developing for Know Your City. The tour will be influenced by the stories in the book and will focus on many of the still-operating jazz clubs in the area. The logistics for the tour will be worked out in the next few weeks and then we will be sending it off for review by the Know Your City team.

Most recently, some of the team has been hard at work filming and creating a plan for a campaign video. It is also our hope that this video could be used as a book trailer closer to launch. With involvement from our author and the jazz school at Portland State University, the video will feature the story of the book as well as some of the sounds of the jazz genre itself.

That’s all for now. More exciting things coming up in the future!

This Week!

Hello all,

In this break between summer and fall terms, the Mastersounds project is keeping things simple. The team is continuing to help with transcribing interviews for the author’s research. This not only provides more opportunities for the author to conduct research, but also provides the team members with more knowledge about the jazz community. This will play into directing the research in the future when the team begins to develop the marketing plan.

Last week, I met with Marc Moscato of Know Your City about developing a tour that works with the jazz book. A small team will be created at Ooligan that will develop, test, and present the final tour to Know Your City. Not only will it take people through the jazz history or Portland, but will also, hopefully, show people the community around the culture.

That is it for this update. Next time, I will talk a little more about how the manuscript is developing.

Also, if you are interested in the jazz community, Oregon Humanities is offering a free lecture, titled The Art of the Possible: Jazz and Community Building, by Tim DuRoche. It will be held at the Belmont Branch of the Multnomah County Libraries at 3pm on Saturday, September 6th.