To Broadway Books and Beyond!

Greetings readers,

First off, let me thank Paulann Petersen for being our honored guest at the We Belong in History launch party last Tuesday at In Other Words bookstore. I also want to thank our friends with the Figures of Speech Reading Series for hosting our event. And let us not forget our student poets, without whom we would not have a book. If you missed the festivities on January 7, don’t fret: there will be another opportunity to celebrate Stafford’s life, works, and philosophy with the student poets of We Belong in History on February 12 at Broadway Books. Make sure to check back here in the coming weeks for all the details.

Even though We Belong in History is now in print, we here at Ooligan Press have a great many tasks left to accomplish. Now that the book is launched and officially in circulation, we are implementing our sell-through plan. This includes following up with bloggers who are interested in spreading Stafford’s message, as well as applying for awards and other tasks designed to help get the word out.

A heartfelt thanks once again to everyone who helped make our launch party such a success. Together, we do indeed belong in history.

History Starts Now

Greetings readers,

This week is an exciting one for Ooligan Press. Tonight is our launch party for We Belong in History: Writing with William Stafford. Our friends at the Figures of Speech Reading Series are hosting us at In Other Words Bookstore (14 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, Oregon). Our doors will be open at 7:00 p.m., and we will begin our celebration of Stafford’s life and works at 7:30 p.m.

Our guests of honor this evening are Paulann Petersen and Rosalyn Andronescu, with readings from the fabulous student poets that are included in We Belong in History. Our event will be a showcase of student achievement, a celebration of the teachers who have instructed them, and a tribute to the life, philosophy, and works of William Stafford.

Be sure to join us if you can. Copies of We Belong in History: Writing with William Stafford will be on hand for purchase. Few things in this world are as rare as being able to buy a book directly from those who made it possible. Tonight is your chance.

We are looking forward to celebrating with each and every one of our supporters. Together, we’re all making history!