Two Deep Breaths and Go

Last Thursday, Eliot Treichel and Ooligan Press celebrated the launch of A Series of Small Maneuvers with a packed house at Elisa Saphier’s bookstore Another Read Through on Mississippi Avenue. Big thank you to everyone who attended! It was wonderful having you there.

The book went live earlier this month and continues to generate good publicity. At the beginning of November, Small Maneuvers topped Amazon’s teen and YA parent fiction list, and it garnered an excellent review in The Huffington Post. Treichel also appeared at Literary Arts’ Wordstock festival at the Portland Art Museum to sign books and meet his new and dedicated fans.

The Small Maneuvers team is now focusing on preparing for Treichel’s reading at Powell’s on Hawthorne on December 3; we’re working to promote and collaborate for this event and encourage attendance by local youth groups, including the Girl Scouts of America and high school English and literature classes. Additionally, we’re working with the new transmedia marketing class at PSU to promote the book on social media, sharing it via Instagram hashtags and Twitter. At this point in the year, our group is also working to construct a plan to carry our marketing and promotion through the next year; as the Ooligan schedule progresses, we’ll take on another project, and we have to create an infrastructure for new people to continue to work on this one successfully.

As the Christmas holidays approach, remember, A Series of Small Maneuvers is available from Amazon and Powell’s, as well as many local booksellers . . . a sweet paperback makes a great gift for the reader in your life!

Angle, Momentum, Lean In

Since this summer, A Series of Small Maneuvers has grown from a completed manuscript to an advanced review copy and into a fully finished book. As we close in on our pub date, our main order of business is promotion and marketing. In addition to working with a brand new crop of Ooligan students to get fresh eyes on the project, we’re test-piloting a new comprehensive social media plan and coordinating with the newly introduced transmedia marketing class to share this book with the world.

The physical book is now available for pre-order on Amazon (attention: the 300+ of you Goodreads users who have it marked “to-read!”). And the ebook is almost ready to rock ’n’ roll. We’ve just finished designing it, and our final step is to proofread before we make it available to the public.

Over the summer we reached out to our sales reps who have been promoting Small Maneuvers in bookstores across the country. We also began soliciting reviews for the book and scored a sweet starred review from Publishers Weekly early in September. After a feature in Canoe & Kayak and an interview with Eugene Weekly, Eliot Treichel and his book have been generating some buzz in the blogosphere.

Our Portland launch event will take place on November 19th at Another Read Through on Mississippi Avenue, where Treichel will read, speak about his book and writing process, and answer some questions from the audience. He will also appear at Powell’s on Hawthorne in early December.