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Speak Up: How an Extreme Introvert Finds Her Voice

If I have to get up at four o’clock in the morning to catch a flight, coffee better be in the near vicinity, I thought to myself as I climbed into the car. It was a huge day. That was the day that I was moving to Portland to go to graduate school for book publishing. I had only been there once to look at the school, Portland State University, and while I knew what everything looked liked, I was shaking. And not because I hadn’t had my coffee yet. I never lived without family around before. Even during my undergraduate years, I had family close to me. Going to a basically unknown city, where I did not know anybody, alone can almost give an extreme introvert, such as myself, a heart attack. But I had to do this. I wanted to work with books. While the plane was taking off, and I saw my hometown of Los Angeles fade and get smaller, I reminded myself that if I did not take this chance, then I never would.