Dedicated readers of the Ooligan Press blog already know that The Ocean in My Ears has an absolutely gorgeous cover (for those who are unfamiliar, click here). But did you know that—thanks to the keen and diligent eye of Maeko Bradshaw—we are soon to have an equally impressive interior? While the interior design of a book often doesn’t get the fanfare of the cover, a well designed interior creates a “cohesive product that enhances the entire experience,” as our own Justin Orendorff wisely points out in his post.

Speaking of reading experiences, our team has spent countless hours researching booksellers, print book columnists, bloggers, podcasters, Youtubers, and other media mavens to ensure The Ocean in My Ears makes its way into the hands (and hearts) of the “right people in the places that matter,” in the words of Ooligan’s former marketing lead, Dory Athey. The team is also busy developing a creative and clever book marketing campaign that we are anxious to implement.

Next, the manuscript will go through the proofreading stage to catch any remaining copyediting and design errors that may have slipped through the cracks, which is the last step before the manuscript transforms into a print galley. This means The Ocean in My Ears is just one short step from becoming the book we’ve been so patiently awaiting, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Now it’s time to mail galleys, select a printer, begin the ebook design process, and plan the book launch!

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