Climate change and climate science have been key issues in the last ten years. Why? Because the Earth is slowly heating up, and only we, as a global community, can stop it. Together, we can prevent the global temperature rise from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius—with knowledge about what is happening, we can affect change. People are more motivated now than ever to understand what exactly is going on with the climate and how we can fix it.

Ooligan Press is thrilled to announce our newest nonfiction title, From Knowledge to Power: Your Handbook for Climate Science and Advocacy by debut author Dr. John Perona, set to launch in October 2021. From Knowledge to Power is a climate advocate’s handbook that addresses climate change from multiple angles. Using his PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale and his LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Law from the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, Perona breaks down what exactly is happening from a scientific perspective, a political perspective, and a social perspective in clear prose; moreover, he teaches the reader how to become an advocate, using this knowledge to help the reader understand the issue from multiple perspectives in order to be the best citizen advocate possible.

Using foundation-based knowledge, Perona takes the reader through the entire field of climate change, touching on fundamentals, far-reaching impacts, and how to take action. Breaking down complex topics such as the Green New Deal and the fossil fuel machine, Perona uses science-based solutions in order to make even the most complicated topics clear.

From Knowledge to Power is an essential handbook for anyone interested in climate change. A thorough and concise manual, From Knowledge to Power is the complete guide to understand the data, history, and impacts of climate change. Most importantly, this book offers a message of optimism, empowering the reader to become a climate advocate through realistic, actionable ideas that can help inspire the reader to see a future where things have changed for the better.

As the project manager, my team and I have been working on the basics of marketing and social media strategies while the book begins its journey through the publishing production cycle. Julie, the previous project manager, helped do the developmental edit and really saw the big picture of what the book was about. Julie writes, “The mission of this book is to present a reliable and well-rounded picture of the climate crisis through science education, while including the implications of that science for the near and far future, in order to motivate readers to action via political and personal advocacy. The book will be thorough, yet approachable. It may be read from start to finish by enthusiasts, but will likely be a resource or guide for many readers.”

It has been so exciting to see this book change and grow. Keep your eye out for the visuals in this book—I’m sure they will be as well-designed as they are important.

As Wendell Berry said, “The Earth is what we all have in common.” In October 2021, grab a copy of From Knowledge to Power and learn how you can help our shared home.

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