As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I have less time to sit down and read a book. School, work, and daily household chores have consumed my once bountiful reading time. Audiobooks have changed that though. By listening to books while commuting and doing chores, I’m able to dig back into my TBR pile and enjoy the pleasures of books again without feeling the guilt of unfinished tasks.

The downside to audiobooks, I’ve found, is that at times I’m not as immersed in the story. This is partially because I listen to books while I drive and therefore need to focus on the road. I noticed a difference in my listening experience when I was walking my dog. Getting out of the car, and the house, and into the fresh air changed how I interacted with the story. After that revelation I started thinking about places to listen to books to enhance my overall experience.

Experience how location can change your listening experience with Iditarod Nights by Cindy Hiday. Join Claire, Dillion, and their sled dogs as they brave the Alaskan wilderness.

Since the story takes place in Alaska and showcases the Iditarod Trail, starting in Anchorage and ending in Nome, ideally you would listen to it in those places. However, not everyone lives in Alaska. Unsurprisingly, the vast Alaskan wilderness can be difficult to recreate in other parts of the Pacific Northwest.

Fear not! I have found a few places that are similar to where Claire and Dillion venture throughout the book. Most of these places will require travel, but what’s life, and books, without a little adventure?

If you find yourself near Laurance Lake in the winter, the view of the frozen lake may remind you of the frozen coastline of Nome. If you prefer to stay in town, then perhaps a walk through Mount Hood Village would help recreate Nome’s small town feel.

Feel like Anchorage is more to your taste? Visit Olympia, Washington. A city, like Anchorage, that happily resides beside inlets and forests. Stop by Squaxin Park, formerly Priest Point Park, and walk on the beach or plan a hike with your dog on McLane Creek Nature Trail Pond Loop Trailhead while you listen.

Or, maybe, you would prefer to stick closer to home. Finding a local hiking trail or wooded park would help simulate the feel of the wilderness. You can visit your local dog park (with a dog preferably, but that’s up to you!) and watch the dogs run and play while listening to how Claire and Dillion’s sled dogs fare on the Iditarod Trail.

One of the best parts of books is getting lost in the world that the author describes. Going places that look, smell, sound, or just make you think of the book you’re listening to can enhance that feeling. Take your audiobook to the next level by using your listening location to enhance your listening experience.

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