In the last couple of years, books have gotten a resurgence in popularity bringing books back to the mainstream and creating the Bookternet. With the resurgence of books, bookish people all around the world have the ability to talk to other book lovers. BookTok is an integral part of the Bookternet. With the recent surge in popularity of TikTok and books it makes sense why readers are going to the viral app to find book recommendations. TikTok, in general, has something for everyone just like BookTok. Yes, there are dancing and funny dog videos, which started the app’s popularity, but if you fall down the right rabbit hole there are book hauls, people showing off their recent buys and borrows, and even people crying over heartbreaking stories. There are accounts with beautiful aesthetics that target almost every type of reader. And as the publishing industry continues to grow slowly, the number of Black authors and stories there is growing. With the rise of Black characters and Black stories that only means Black BookTokers have found a space to talk about new stories that they can relate to with people in the same community. Fantasy, romance, horror, and literary fiction are these BookTokers favorite genres. They all want to laugh out loud, blush from words on a page, and have a good cry after a satisfying novel.

So where should you start if you want to join the infamous BookTok, or if you just want to increase the bookish context that lands on your For You Page? Maybe you just want to diversify your TBR?

You came to the right place.


Kimmy had great vibes, she’s friendly and fun and raves about her favorite books, which are not always BookTok favorites. Romance, spice, fantasy, and diversity are her things, so yes this is for all readers that like to blush while reading!


Kendra makes her viewers laugh out loud with her relatable thoughts on popular and fan-favorite characters. She also has some great takes on some fan-favorite books.


Trinity Love is a girl with a vivid imagination and you can see that in her posts.


Literary fiction? Check. Sad book? Check. Need a good cry? Check. You’re going to want to follow Zoe for some good recommendations. (P.S. She’s a sucker for unlikable characters with issues with that’s your type.)


Are you looking for a friend to talk to about your favorite books? Well, Payten is the gal for you. Romance, spice, and diversity are her groove—and this is for all you Bridgerton fans out there.


Marquis is a rare bird in the wild. Not only is he a man who is on BookTok, but a man on BookTok that reads romance (swoon hard ladies). And he is adorable while he does it.

This is only a small list of Black influencers you can follow and get recommendations from, but once you go down the rabbit hole there is no going back. Have your tissues and debit cards ready.

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