We are all about spending this summer planning the trajectories of our upcoming releases in the marketing department. The Ooligan Press offices are already boiling over with summer anticipation about the November 7th release of Meagan Macvie’s The Ocean in My Ears, and we’ve laced up our hiking boots to explore the trails found in 50 Hikes in the Tillamook & Clatsop State Forests to collect promotional materials before The Sierra Club’s guidebook lands on bookshelves next March. But before we are able to celebrate the launches of these awesome books, we are working with the books’ project teams to ensure that their marketing efforts are optimally strategized.

Much of our attention over the coming weeks will focus on making sure that Macvie’s debut novel has a successful launch in November. The Ocean in My Ears team has already mailed out galleys to reviewers, so we are now just waiting to hear back from The New York Times about their book review. We are also working with this team on strategizing ways to find different types of publicity coverage for their book outside of reviews. This means we are finding ways to target specific media outlets so that tastemakers can talk about The Ocean in My Ears in non-critical terms too.

However, the summer isn’t just about making sure our closest release on the calendar is marketed properly, so we are also supporting our other books as well. We are already pretty far into our marketing efforts with 50 Hikes in the Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests, which will continue growing into the fall. Additionally, we are working with the Three Sides Water team on developing their marketing plan, and we are doing the same with Sleeping in My Jeans.

So yes, we are excited about getting The Ocean in My Ears onto bookshelves in the fall, and we have some exciting marketing opportunities happening with our other releases that are developing in the summer as well. While it’s true that each of our books are at different phases in their publishing lives, that difference isn’t stopping us from delivering the same amount of marketing love to each of our projects.

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