By Kacie Peterson

What better way to spend your vacation than immersed in a good book, eating seafood at its finest, and having a beautiful ocean view all in one? It’s a perfect place to buy that paperback you’ve wanted to read while lying on the beach. Upon entering this lovely little hidden treasure, one is greeted by an old, loveable tabby cat who spends most of his days sleeping among the books on a little foot stool in the corner of the shop.Spring break is upon us, and it’s time to relax and escape from the drudgery of student life. If you’re looking for a fun vacation idea that won’t cost a fortune, you should head to Seaside and check out Beach Books! Beach Books is a quaint little independent bookstore in downtown Seaside, right next to the ocean.

There is something for everyone and a wide selection of books for people of any age. They also have many useful books for a beachside vacation. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation involving bird watching, beach combing, and exploring the history of the area, there are many helpful books available at Beach Books. This can come in handy to those who want to learn more about the area and explore the coast.

When asking Paul Leech, a regular Seaside visitor, what he thought of Beach Books, he said, “I love going to Beach Books when I’m in Seaside, there’s always good service and interesting books I find while browsing. My girlfriend and I love to bird watch, and it’s nice to get locals’ expertise when looking for a book to purchase on the topic. I really like to support the little independent bookstores, I feel they have so much more to offer than people realize.”

It is true, small bookstores have a wealth of information and a cozy inviting atmosphere that beats any kind of online sale. Owners of small bookstores are also knowledgeable about the books they sell, and their opinions are valued by their customers. This kind of advice is more reliable than reviews someone could read online.

Some folks like their books fast, easy, and cheap, however; and for those travelers who aren’t fond of print books, Beach Books also offers Kobo eBooks and eReaders. These eBooks correspond with every other eReader except for Kindle. Of course, when dealing with the coastal climate, one never knows what to expect when going for a visit. Luckily, when it comes to reading it doesn’t matter.

One can be inside as a storm is blowing, and tuck in with a good book and big bowl of clam chowder, or enjoy a lovely sunny day lying on the beach and soaking up the sun as the next chapter starts to get really good. There is nothing more relaxing and stress-free than taking some time to oneself to sit down and escape into another world with ocean breezes and the call of gulls calling out to all who will listen.

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