With every week that goes by on this project, we add another pot to the stove. Soon I’ll be needing a commercial kitchen! Developmental edits are in process and should soon be done. An inchoate marketing plan is beginning to form. Permissions are lurching along nicely. Our tipsheet is almost ready to go. A brief for the cover design has been drafted, and we’ll be sending out a call for cover ideas soon—really soon. Hopefully everyone will be ready to dust off those InDesign skills before Fall Term even hits.

In other news, we recently made a decision that I personally am very excited about: adding Allison’s personal photos to the interior of the book. I think it will be really fun and interesting to have these glimpses into her past, her family, and her pilgrimage complementing her stories about those things. Plus, I know that she knows how to effectively deploy an old photo from reading her wonderful blog at I can’t wait to see what pictures she digs up for us.

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