We continue to spread the word about the conference. Right now, our marketing is focused on two strategies: we are visiting classrooms and marketing on campus, and we are printing flyers and posters to disseminate across the city. If you are fortunate enough to get ahold of one of our flyers, bring it with you to the conference. Anyone that brings a flyer with them to the conference will receive a free raffle ticket in return. There are some great prizes in the raffle: hotel stays, restaurant dinners, bookstore certificates, and publishing related consultations. Next week, we’ll be looking into sending out press kits to our vendors and speakers so they, too, can help spread the word.

Speaking of our speakers and vendors, Karelia Stetz-Waters just had her book launch for Forgive Me If I Told You This Before at Jones Bar. It was a crazy party with great retro music; Karelia signed books, read from her new novel, and chatted kindly with everyone that wanted a moment of her time (including me).The section she read was a flashback itself, calling visions of an older Portland that made me nostalgic, even while her text dealt with emotionally intense issues. I’m looking forward to hearing her read again at the conference.

It’s not up on the website yet, but we have several publishers and agents who will take time out of their busy schedules to listen to pitches at the conference. More information should be available soon. Anyone who buys an all-day ticket to the conference is eligible to pitch their stories. To make sure you get the most out of your experience, we’re also running a pitch workshop beforehand. Our acquisitions department will give you tips on pitching etiquette and help on sharpening your pitch to its most engaging form. As Ooligan will also be hearing pitches, this workshop will definitely set you on the inside track.

Lastly, the discount on tickets ends soon. Let me repeat that: discounted ticket pricing for regular admission ends December 1st! If you are not a student and want to attend the conference, now is the time to save 20% off of your ticket.
Click here to buy your tickets now.

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