Well, there is nothing like shopping for event spaces when it’s pouring rain outside. I got to spend most of my day today soaked through. But, it is exciting to see possible venues and imagine the event taking place inside the walls I’m looking at. There are still a lot of places to cover, but we are closer every day to finding a home for Write to Publish 2015.

In addition to searching for event locations, we are busy brainstorming the types of programming we will offer. As the publishing program at Portland State focuses on all aspects of the publishing industry, from editorial to design to marketing, we have decided to open our minds to the possibility of programming targeted to others interested in the publishing industry besides writers. We hope to provide information that would be useful to artists or those interested in how to market books as well as panels focused on writers wanting to break into the industry. Nothing is finalized yet, but the diversity of ideas we’ve come up with so far is very promising.

Our social media is also receiving attention this week. The Write to Publish Facebook page will be shut off Monday, as we consolidate with the Ooligan Press Facebook page. We are looking over our website to see what needs to be updated and what improvements we can make. We are also considering starting a quarterly newsletter to provide updates on Write to Publish for those interested. More information on that soon. We hope that as this quarter progresses, we will hear feedback from all supporters of the Write to Publish conference so we can better shape this even to be what you want it to be.

Thank you as always for reading!

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