Let’s face it, we’ve all thought to ourselves at one time or another, “what am I going to read next?” If you’re like me, your to-be-read (or TBR) pile is way too deep; it’s comparable to a bottomless pit right about now. Or, you could just have no clue what book or even genre you’re going to pick up next. Are you feeling a psychological thriller? How about a boy’s first love? Maybe you’re looking for a book to make you a better writer. Whatever the vibe, this list is here to help you with that dilemma. Here are five well-known BookTokers that know the ins and outs of our current publishing happenings and can help you find just the book you’re looking for.

  1. Kevin Tyler Norman (@kevintnorman)
  2. Kevin is a Latinx LGBTQ+ reader and reviewer who is taking BookTok by storm. In addition to his nearly one hundred and fifty thousand followers on the platform, he is also active on Goodreads and Instagram. Kevin posts videos on recommended LGBTQ+ books to read, helpful hacks on annotating books for anyone who wants to start the process, and genre-specific lists of must-reads. Nearly every single video is filmed in front of his beautiful, colorful bookshelf that will definitely make your homepage pop.

  3. Kendra Keeter-Gray (@kendra.reads)
  4. Kendra is a twenty-three-year-old Black reader who has very quickly made a name for herself by being outspoken about the “whiteness” of many of the books she reads. Kendra creates videos reviewing specific books as well as curated lists that follow a certain genre or theme. With her push for seeing more Black authors and main characters, Kendra is the perfect activist TikToker to diversify your bookshelves (and she has a great sense of humor).

  5. Sydney Blanchard (@sydneyyybooks)
  6. If you are someone who loves a good list, Sydney is the BookToker for you. Based in the PNW in Seattle, she mainly reads and reviews thrillers and romances. She posts videos recommending book piles from those with surprising plot twists to atmospheric thrillers, and even books with fast-moving plots. Sydney is definitely a relatable reader, and she will definitely have a recommendation perfect for your TBR pile.

  7. Lauryn Hickman (@lauryns_library)
  8. Lauryn’s fun and aesthetic page is perfect if you’re looking for something you can binge-read. With book lists from those with disability representation to books to get you out of a reading slump, Lauryn knows the perfect book for many feelings. Want to find love on the page? She’s just the account for it! Lauryn even has her own book club on Fable that you can join!

  9. Aun Abdi (@aun.abdi)
  10. Not really into reading fiction? Aun has the perfect recommendations for nonfiction and self-help books. His videos include must-read finance and business books as well as books every student should read. His reviews/wrap-ups are also super informative to help you pick the perfect easy read for you!

To find more BookTokers and expand your TBR pile, follow the #BookTok tag on TikTok, and don’t forget to follow your favorite publishing companies. Also, comment your favorite BookTokers down below!

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