The publishing timeline for We Belong in History makes it somewhat of an unusual book. Because most of its content will come out of a writing competition that is currently underway, the majority of that content has yet to arrive. But as we advertise the contest, we are essentially already marketing the book, even though this step usually occurs near the end of the publishing process. We like to keep things exciting around here.

In addition to the paper writing that midterm week traditionally involves, I have been at work getting our press release out to several local media outlets so that some of them might pick up our story. Mostly, this has involved a lot of digging for contact info and finger-crossing that we’ll hear back. Here’s hoping!

We’ve also contacted a number of local literary organizations, and are well on our way to having a completed tip sheet and marketing plan. Every day we get closer to holding a real, physical book in our hands, and that’s exciting for sure. Keep those submissions coming!

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