This week we have a lot of people to thank. We want to thank the Friends of William Stafford members who welcomed Ooligan Press at their Stafford Celebration events to commemorate William Stafford’s life and work. We want to thank the Ooligan Press members who have passed along our writing contest flyers to their former teachers, children’s teachers, and to the community-based literary organizations to which they belong.

Most of all, we want to thank the wonderful teachers across the state who have already emailed us at to share their excitement about the contest and to let us know that their students will be participating. We can’t wait to start reading student work, so please check out contest details under the “Lesson Plans” button on our website, and send submissions our way at the following address:

William Stafford Writing ProjectOoligan Press369 Neuberger Hall724 SW Harrison Street

Portland, Oregon 97201

If you have questions about the contest, please email us at the email address above. We also encourage you to pass along this William Stafford Writing Contest flyer to all of the young writers, and their teachers, in your life.

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