Hello again, everyone.

It has been a relatively calm week for Untangling the Knot. The project team’s main focus has been the continuation of some ongoing tasks as we try to finish the summer term with all of the project’s goals and deadlines in mind.

The social media audit of the Untangling the Knot contributors is wrapping up. The information gathered about which, if any, social media platforms each author uses will be of great use in the fall, when we will begin employing our marketing strategies to spread the word about the book. In addition to the audit, the team completed the sales kits and mailed them to Ingram Publishing Services.

The team has also been building a list of authors, reviewers, and community leaders and activists that we will contact about possibly providing blurbs for the book, a process that is integral to the outcome of a new book. It is asking a lot out of someone that they agree to read a book and provide a meaningful statement about its content, meaning, or style. The manner in which this communication takes place is important; we need to approach each individual in a welcoming fashion, but it also must be clear that we are not randomly contacting as many people as possible. It is important that the team take the time to learn about each potential blurber, and that we know prior to contacting them why their voice would be a good fit for the book, and that we carry that message through our communication.

Along with the other preparations for the upcoming marketing push, we are creating a list of potential awards for which the title would qualify. The final edits carry on, and that stage will soon be finished, and Untangling the Knot will finally be a whole and complete manuscript. Each step brings the project closer and closer to the final, finished book.

Until next time.

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