Things have been busy for the William Stafford Project over the past week. The Design department is still hard at work refining ideas for the cover design of We Belong in History, the anthology that will house winning submissions from the William Stafford Writing Contest. Our internal marketing plan has also been finalized, and offers plenty of great ideas for making community connections through literature, utilizing both in-person and media-based gatherings.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun at the William Stafford Birthday celebrations next year, so please remember there are still two days left to mail in your student submissions. We have a team of judges ready to go, including veteran teachers, acquisitions experts, and poetry aficionados, assembled to read each poem and essay carefully. They are excited to dig in, so don’t forget to package your electronic submissions and your hand-signed permission forms and slip them into the mail by Tuesday, April 30.

If you have questions or concerns, as always, please feel free to e-mail us, or refer to the contest packet and lesson plans here.

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