This past week has truly been a mix of tasks. The big one for us was wrangling the scheduleit is our job to keep track of all the balls in the air in all the different departments. Though we want to keep our major due dates intact, the intermediate ones often have to shift slightly due to unforeseen events. We constantly have to balance being strict about due dates with being flexible with the realities of working with so many people.

We also met with Marketing to start our blurber list. Blurbs are the quotes from reviewers and authors that appear on the back (or sometimes front) of the book, on the website, and in promotional materials. They are an important part of book marketing, because they endorse the quality of the book and hopefully increase sales as a result.

This week, we have been accepting applications for interior designers, who will have a month to turn the manuscript into an actual book. Once a designer is chosen, we’ll be sure to keep you posted about the interior design process in the coming weeks.

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