Our manuscript is typecoded, our interior design call was sent out, and an interior designer has been selected–Zach Eggemeyer! Now the manuscript is in his hands, along with our design specs and Allison’s photos, and as he goes away to work his magic on it, we’re going to get busy with other things. On the menu this month: marketing, marketing, marketing. We’re building a list of reviewers and publicity media to start going after as soon as we have galleys of the book–or sooner, if they accept electronic review copies. We’re hoping to get a lot of attention, particularly from blogs and publications that focus on reviews of works from small presses, by women, and by members of the LGBT community. We’ve also been brainstorming some fun, indirect ways to get our title in front of people’s eyes–the internet is a big, busy place, and it never hurt anybody to produce a little clickbait (that conveniently mentions our book, of course).

Last month, we reached out to writers looking for blurbs, and we got several absolutely glowing responses, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll get a few more! It was a really good feeling to see other writers responding so positively to The Ghosts Who Travel with Me. I’m looking forward to printing the praise we received on the cover of our book so the world can see that some very smart, successful people believe in it as much as we do.

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