Hello again, everyone,

I am happy to announce that an interior designer has been selected for the Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity manuscript. Erika Schnatz, the lead of Ooligan’s design department, will spearhead the project. Since this project includes a few specific challenges, namely the need to unify the different styles and structures of the multiple, diverse essays that will be included in the anthology, we are fortunate to have Erika’s experience and energy to develop the design.

Carter Sickels has also been working hard to review and make final suggestions for each piece. Both he and the individual authors need to reach an agreement about the final state of each essay, which means there is a great deal of communication taking place as the manuscript is finalized. Once this process is at last complete, Erika will take the final manuscript and begin her interior design.

Finally, I am working to organize a list of priorities for the project during the fall term. This way, I will be ready for the new project team in time for the first day of classes, September 29, and we will be productive right away. Some of the broad goals include marketing and publicity initiatives, steps in the production process, and working on copy for the book’s cover.

Another update will be headed your way soon.

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