It has been almost two whole years since Ooligan Press held the vote to acquire Rhythm in the Rain: Jazz in the Pacific Northwest, and now after countless hours of hard work and dedication, we are finally on the verge of having a finished book in hand. Since our last update, we have conquered such hurdles as nailing down a complete and final manuscript, deciding which photos will accompany the text, and gaining an understanding of how all of these pieces will fit together visually in the book’s interior design.

As our interior designers chip away at creating a book with aesthetics that properly complement the rhythm and flow of Lynn Darroch’s writing style, the majority of Rhythm in the Rain‘s team has shifted to a mindset revolving around marketing. Because this book is so unique among the types of titles we usually publish here at Ooligan, it has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to approach the marketing and promotion process in a way like never before. Without giving too much away, I would urge readers to look forward to some exciting and interactive experiences via Ooligan’s Instagram and Spotify accounts, not to mention plenty of opportunities to catch live jazz performances (and some readings of the book by Mr. Darroch himself) as the Portland Jazz Festival and other events come through the city.

As the manager for this project, I always like to take any opportunity I can to give credit where credit is due. Every spring, Ooligan adopts a new influx of students into its ranks, and considering that I and every other seasoned Oolie was once “one of the new kids,” I can attest to how daunting being a newcomer can be. Despite the nerves and learning curves that come with suddenly becoming an integral member of a real-life publishing house, the four newest members of the Rhythm in the Rain team have been nothing short of tremendous. Maeko Bradshaw, Alyssa Hanchar, Cobi Lawson, and MacKenzie Turner have each come into the program with a passion and enthusiasm that is to be applauded, not to mention unique abilities and expertise that are certain to make this book an even bigger success than it would have been without them.

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