Trout Frying in America is on a super fast publication track, so we’re making the most of the time we have while Allison is working on the developmental edits we suggested. As soon as our developmental letter was sent, we started thinking about other logistics we could take care of in the meantime. One of these is permissions. Trout Frying in America includes quite a few literary references and references to literary criticism, all of which need to be catalogued, the owners contacted, payment sent (if necessary), and permission obtained. Permissions can be a bit of a sticky process, and it is very dependent upon the responsiveness of other people, so I decided the sooner we started working on it, the better. Being down to the wire and still waiting to hear whether we have permission for that one last totally-not-optional quotation sounds like the stuff of nightmares, so I’m determined to prevent it from happening! Here’s hoping that the process goes smoothly.

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