The Untangling the Knot interior design is complete, and the project team is collaborating with the editorial department to proofread the manuscript. This is the team’s last chance to catch any errors that have survived previous rounds of editing. The goal is to complete the proofreading by December 1, when the manuscript will be returned to the designer so that she can implement the necessary changes. Then, the book will be ready for the printer.

The project team has received responses from about a dozen of the potential blurbers that we contacted. We have sent each of them an uncorrected proof, and we hope to hear back from them by the end of November. The team feels strongly that if people pick up the book and read it, they will want to talk about it. Hopefully, that will prove to be true and we will begin to see early responses in the form of blurbs.

The first round of galleys have been ordered, and should arrive early next week. The team will spend time mailing those galleys to reviewers and media outlets that might be interested in the book. It is hard to believe that we are only three and a half months from the publication date, and that the first physical version of the book will be here next week. From the early efforts to increase submissions, the multiple rounds of editing, and the time spent generating awareness about this unique collection, we are now nearing the final stretch. Stay tuned over the next few months–the project will move quickly from here on out!

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