Though we are currently experiencing a bit of a lull (which will be more than offset by the craziness sure to ensue in the coming months), we are moving forward in a couple of ways as we prepare for that craziness (and, ultimately, amazingly, a book!).

Most of the content for We Belong in History will come from a statewide writing competition for 7th12th graders. And a competition just isn’t a competition without judges. This week and next, I’m working to contact people both inside and outside the press who might be interested in contributing their talents and critical eye to selecting the best of the student work we receive. We hope to find judges with an appreciation and excitement for both Stafford’s poetry and the poetry of student writers.

We are also beginning work on the book’s design. While we are in the very early stages of this process, we have submitted a design brief to Ooligan’s design department outlining ideas and suggestions about themes and visual elements we’d like to see represented in the book’s design (as well as practical considerations such as the size of the printed book). Many of these ideas came out of a press-wide brainstorm held early on in the project. This was a great way to get input from a variety of people on what struck them as significant in Stafford’s work, as well as how to best represent that in conjunction with our student contributors. I’m sure we’ll have some exciting updates as the design process gets underway.

Here’s to another week closer to a fantastic book!

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