Happy July, everyone! The beginning of summer term marked Kate’s first week as the incoming project manager for The Ninth Day. I look forward to showing her more about the process of overseeing this book’s production and gaining a more integrated partnership with her as my fellow manager. She has been very enthusiastic in her desire to be a PM for Ruth’s book, and I am excited to think of what we can accomplish together this term.

Our marketing team was hard at work last week securing a third blurb for The Ninth Day. This one was a beautiful write-up from Jen Violi, author of the YA novel, Putting Makeup on Dead People. In my my favorite part of the review, Jen states, “Reading this book felt like looking at a night sky full of stars and having a wise someone connect the bright spots for me, revealing constellations rich with story, myth, and magic.”I was moved by how well Jen put into words what I have only felt about Ruth’s newest book.

Our marketing manager, Keely, has also provided us with excellent back cover copy for the book. After working through two completely different drafts from the last marketing team, Keely has come up with a truly stellar description for The Ninth Day that we can all be proud of. Thank you, Keely!

Robyn is still diligently crafting her interior design, working in tandem with Ruth now to ensure that the end product is just right. Once we have the interior completed, we can move forward there. I believe readers are going to be delighted with the elegance of this book’s final design, and I look forward to revealing extra details about this and more during The Ninth Day’s next post on August 12th. Until then, happy reading!

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