Writing a book is hard. Finding the right publisher for your book is even worse. But what’s the most difficult part of being an author or publisher? Maintaining important contacts.

Relationship development is key to promoting an author or publisher’s success. According to Jasmine Briggs at Forbes, “people are what make or break” such professional careers. Why is this important? On the publishing side of business, communicative relationships can determine the success of book sales, the continuing care for an author, future partnering decisions, and much more. Nurturing the relationship that is forged between author and editor, publisher and reviewer, and so forth is important as these forces are what can help you, not just in the moment, but in the future as well. As Authority Publishing states, “if you want their help, you need to ask them.” A publisher with a bad relationship with a certain author can’t simply reach out to ask them for new material. Similarly, an author with a bad relationship with their editor or publisher can’t just ask to move forward with a new project. So how can authors and publishers maintain great professional relations with one another? Here is shortened list from Forbes that may be helpful:

  • Adjust your mindset. In short, relationship development should be an important part of your week. Whether this means following up on that email from six months ago or returning a phone call you would rather ignore, you should do it. Start making it a point to talk to people you work with. Colleagues, friends of friends, etc. Have genuine conversations with them, and you might be surprised how they can help you develop in your career.
  • Know the power of influence. After you expand the circle you talk to professionally, you will begin to notice how these relationships change you. You might be more confident in the workplace or have more connections that benefit you than you did before. This is good! Maybe this will help you find a mentor or connect you with a better author, editor, or publisher.
  • Utilize social media. This may seem self-evident, but social media is a beast. Professional relationships are usually made through LinkedIn, but even Facebook groups, author Twitter support, and Instagram book promotion can be essential to developing and maintaining relationships. Not only can you connect with new people that can help you, but you can promote your business or book in the process. This allows you to grow in your business while simultaneously growing your network.

The success of an author, editor, or publisher relies heavily upon their social influence, which is why nurturing relationships between them is so important. If a publisher really likes how one author always reviews books for others in their genre, they should be sure to maintain that relationship. Similarly, if an author appreciates how a publisher promotes and sells their book, they should work hard to keep a great working relationship with them. So if you ever find yourself losing touch with your author or publisher, send out a friendly email. Remind them you’re still on their radar. Update them on what you’ve been working on, and maybe even see if they have any new connections for you. Take them out for coffee if you can. You might just be surprised where you can lead each other.

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