As you all know, Write to Publish 2016 has officially ended. We’re basically done with the wrap-up, too, sending out the thank-you letters, updating the manual, and making sure the thousands of emails and spreadsheets are organized for the Write to Publish 2017 team. It’ll be an amazing feeling when it’s all completely finished.

One of the great things about Ooligan Press, though, is that we always have projects to do. And our team, so focused on an event for the past ten months, now gets to work on a book project! We’re working on a manuscript called Comin’ in Over the Rock by Peter Lindsey—a series of true stories about Cannon Beach, a history of sorts along with some accompanying photos. It’s a specialized project for us, a second print run of a book published back in 2004. It’s also a very short-term project, intended to be done by June of this year. That kind of shotgun timeline would usually freak me out a little. However, our team only has to do a light copyedit, an interior design, and a proof of the manuscript before sending it to the printers, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

It’s quite a different project than Write to Publish, though. Chelsea and I are still co-managers, we’re still delegating work, and we’re still dealing with emails, but on a much smaller scale. It’s fun to work on a book project, and such a specialized one at that. We decided to split our team into three groups for the rest of the term. One group will copyedit the new manuscript, another will deal with the manuscript photos, and the third group will work on an unrelated assignment, marketing Alive at the Center in conjunction with National Poetry Month. (Chelsea and I are both in the copyediting group!) We need to get all of this done by the end of this term. Over spring break we’re going to send the edits to Lindsey and move on to the next step of the process: interior design. Bring it on, Ooligan Press, bring it on.

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