Are you a student looking into Portland State University’s Book Publishing program? Maybe you’re an author interested in publishing with Ooligan Press? Then you may have had a bit of trouble figuring out how to distinguish the program from the press. To combat this confusion, Ooligan and the Book Publishing program are rebranding.

“I’m excited about the potential of these rebranding efforts to raise the profiles, and clarify the identities, of both Ooligan Press and the graduate program in Book Publishing at Portland State University,” Per Henningsgaard, the director of the Book Publishing program, said.

Henningsgaard and the rest of the rebranding team hope to achieve this goal through the use of a few key tools: color coordination, definitive language, and separated identities for both the press and the program.

The new color for Ooligan Press is burgundy. The new color for the Book Publishing program is aqua. We also chose a few more neutral colors to establish connection between the two entities in text and other elements in brochures and on the websites of the press and the program. Two distinct fonts have also been chosen for the press and the program, respectively: Lato and Gentium Basic.

The language of the press is professional with a personal touch, making it clear to our authors that they will be working with people who take their manuscripts seriously. Key words are tinted the burgundy of the press so that they stand out and help the rebranding procedure. The language of the program is more professional and is geared toward students looking for information on the program, with keywords tinted the new aqua.

The new color schemes, fonts, and language choices will be reflected in the program’s and Ooligan’s online presences very soon. As it stands now, the program’s website is part of Portland State University’s pages and follows the university’s color scheme and brand. Ooligan Press has its own website, but the new branding choices have not yet been applied to it. On Ooligan’s new Tumblr account, however, the rebranding choices have already been implemented.

It is the hope of the press and the program that these rebranding efforts will allow future students and authors to better distinguish between the Book Publishing program and Ooligan Press and to find what they’re looking for more easily.

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