I know all of you have been wondering, what has Ooligan’s social media manager been doing since you last heard from her? Lots, guys. Lots.

We are four weeks into fall term and already so much has happened. New department leads have taken over for those who graduated in the spring, and every book is resting comfortably in the hands of its project manager. Ooligan’s newest title Siblings and Other Disappointments pubbed in October, and a lot of my time has been spent focusing on implementing their Social Media Strategy Document (the brainchild of Alan Holley and Dory Athey, last year’s social media and marketing managers). This involves scheduling Facebook posts and Twitter content, as well as photos for Instagram. Marketing on social media is all about timing; it’s about getting the word out at the opportune moment. That’s why there are four different phases:

  2. Preorder – If you really want me, snatch me up before someone else does. What do you mean that’s not how book buying works?
  3. Launch – BOOM, I’m officially on the market.
  4. Sustaining – You’ll love me forever, won’t you?

Those of you who are very active online might be thinking, she mentioned Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram … but isn’t she missing one? Ah, yes. The Ooligan Press Tumblr page.

Ooligan’s Tumblr page is not one of the websites that we actively write content for. These blog posts automatically get posted on the site, and a few years ago, before Manager Monday posts existed, department leads would write a little somethin’ somethin’ to put up. As a fairly active Tumblr user, I decided to try and liven the account up a little. I connected Ooligan’s social media accounts, so now when new pictures are posted on Instagram, they go directly to Tumblr. I give myself a little leeway to write less structured, more approachable posts on Tumblr, as it is such a personal and interactive site—a site full of beautiful pictures, captivating text posts, and many book blogs. I know that with the right amount of attention, Ooligan’s Tumblr can garner a faithful following. And I am pleased to say—over the past month or so of managing our Tumblr blog—that although there is little interaction with our posts, we have received more followers.

If you like books (and if you’re reading an Oolie’s blog post, you do), then I encourage you to find and follow Ooligan on all our social media sites.

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