As students running a small press, we get to work with a lot of books of all different genres. Each of the titles we get to work on is exciting, but there is always room for other exciting books to come our way! Here are some manuscripts we’d love to see come through Ooligan’s submissions.


Our front- and backlists have several nonfiction titles in them, and we’re always looking for interesting new nonfiction manuscripts. We aim to publish nonfiction works that are based in or about the Pacific Northwest, but there’s plenty of content out there to cover this area!

Our goal as a press is to publish diverse voices and perspectives, so we’re always looking for memoirs or other nonfiction work from BIPOC authors as well as LGBTQ+ authors.

Do you have a story to tell or a family history or a collection of personal essays about your identity and experiences? These are examples of some types of nonfiction manuscripts current Oolies have been itching to get their hands on. If your work fits any of these categories, consider submitting to Ooligan!


We also have a long list of fiction titles, but again, are always looking for more. Fiction is such a vast genre with many subgenres, and we’d love to see some more diverse stories and characters. So far, we have published books with queer and nonwhite main characters, but we’d love to see more! Personally, I would love to see more stories with transgender or gender nonconforming characters, and I’d also love to see more main characters of color!

If you’re an author in or writing about the PNW and have a diverse story to share, consider looking at our submission guidelines to see if your book would be the right fit for our press!

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