Greetings Readers,

Four weeks down already—time flies when you’re making books. Things are moving fast now, and soon we will be able to share We Belong in History with you. Our galley proofs should arrive at our office by the end of this week. We are very excited for these galleys, as they mark one large step toward completing the entire publishing process.

Since my last update, my team and I have begun the process of contacting the teachers of our William Stafford writing contest winners. We are touching base with them to find out if any of these students would like to lend a hand in promoting We Belong in History to their particular corner of Oregon. Additionally, our fabulous Editing team is combing over We Belong in History one last time before we submit it to the printer.

Over the next few weeks, we will be contacting teachers who have contributed to our collection. We want to welcome them to join us at our upcoming events in preparation for the William Stafford Centennial Celebration and our  January 1, 2014 book launch.

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